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Building With The Rosewill Blackhawk

Five Eight-Slot Cases For SLI And CrossFire, Tested

Rosewill’s Blackhawk targets value seekers by providing similar features, but less ornamentation compared to its competitors, at a lower price.

Roswwill installs most of its case hardware before the enclosure is shipped out, adding only basic hardware, a speaker, and cable ties to the Blackhawk’s installation kit.

The Blackhawk’s hard drive cage is removable in three sections, allowing even larger add-in cards to be used. Each section contains two drive trays, and each drive tray supports both 3.5” drives (without screws) and 2.5” drives (via screws).

Optical drives are secured via two metal pins on a flip-up plastic latch. A slide lock releases the latch.

As with In Win, Rosewill’s side-fan positioning conflicts with the installation of our 120 mm tower-style CPU cooler. We had to remove that fan to complete our build.

Though the filled system feels far more crowded than most competing models, the space surrounding our hardware is more than adequate.

Two fans armed with LEDs illuminate the front of our finished build. Though they are not overly bright, the LEDs cannot be disabled.

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