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Network Gaming Benchmarks, Loaded

Killer Xeno Pro: Do You Really Need A Gaming Network Card?

The No Load benchmark was a functional tie, but now let's download two huge .iso files in the background using Firefox. This will give the Killer Xeno Pro's software the opportunity to prioritize network traffic and limit bandwidth for the Firefox downloads, reserving lower latency for the game.

We'll also test the freeware Firefox Throttle plug-in, to see if it can deliver any advantages compared to the integrated network card. We set both the Killer Xeno Pro's bandwidth Controls to limit Firefox' download speed to 128 Kb/s and the Firefox Throttle plug-in to the same limit.

In this situation with multiple downloads occurring during the gaming session, the integrated network card shows a large performance penalty compared to the Killer Xeno Pro.

However, once the freeware Firefox Throttle plug-in is used, the integrated network card delivers nearly-identical performance compared to the Killer Xeno Pro.

Now, let’s look at the frame rates:

Here, the Killer Xeno Pro is showing a notable advantage over the integrated network card, but once again the freeware Firefox Throttle plug-in allows the integrated solution to remain very competitive. Despite the large margin of error in these tests, the Killer Xeno Pro has pulled a win. But is this victory notable enough to warrant the purchase price compared to a freeware browser plugin?

In our subjective testing, we noticed no difference between the Killer Xeno Pro and the integrated NIC with or without the Firefox plug-in enabled.

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