Low Profile Multi-Display Graphics on the Cheap

BV200 For PCI

The BV200 is a PCI version designed with an ATI RV280 graphic core and is limited in functionality. Yet, it still allows users to use two monitors on a low-profile card. The graphics core is the same as that of the Radeon 9250 graphics cards. It is a DirectX 8.1 graphics core and thus will not support 3D components of current applications. This is why the card is recommended for 2D multi-tasking applications such as software programming and traditional office applications where more desktop space is needed.

Low-Profile Form Factor With Dual Outputs

While the graphics core on both cards is not the latest and greatest, the ability to support two displays within the confines of a low profile enclosure is where the BizView line makes its home. There are many other cards that can provide dual display outputs, but when size matters, BizView cards are only 2.3" x 6.6", meeting low profile requirements. While the cards are packaged with a normal height back plate attached to the card, a low profile plate is included, so the cards can be modified to fit either enclosure need.

The key to the design is the DMS-59 output and dongle that allow for dual DVI (DVI-I or DVI-A) displays to be attached. The BV300 PCIe version has a second D-Sub output for a third analog monitor. If the user wishes to operate the BV300 for low profile operation, the second output must be removed. This can be accomplished simply by pulling out the ribbon cable that is attached to the board and replacing the backing plate with the low profile plate.

Diamond provides all of the software needed to get the BizView BV300 and BV200 up and running. We had no problems installing the cards into various system setups. We used Intel and AMD platforms. One setup was on a motherboard with Intel integrated graphics and we had no issues installing the card and getting BizView to operate on two different monitors. We do not foresee issues with users who purchase a BizView card for their systems.

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