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Results: SiSoftware Sandra

Six Low-Voltage Dual-Channel 8 GB Memory Kits, Overclocked

Many performance enthusiasts aren't necessarily eager to roll up their sleeves and try pushing lower-rated parts to marginal ceilings. Instead, they'd rather buy high-performance parts and plug them in at guaranteed specs. Adata, Crucial, and G.Skill appear to specifically target these buyers with secondary and tertiary timings that boost SiSoftware’s bandwidth scores.

Geil’s DDR3-1333 falls behind in the above test for the obvious reason of its lower data rate, while Kingston's and Super Talent's results are more difficult to define. Faster than DDR3-1333, they're still well behind the DDR3-1600 pack.

With all modules set to DDR3-1600 and their tightest stable timings, the top four memory kits all provide similar bandwidth. Kingston and Super Talent fall behind.

G.Skill drops out of the DDR3-1866 test, while Crucial and Geil push through to 25 GB/s. Adata plays catch-up at 24.6 GB/s, while Kingston and Super Talent trail behind.

Crucial never reaches DDR-2133, so Adata takes its place. Data rates climb from the original 21 to 27 GB/s, with the tenacity of Geil’s DDR3-1333 proving even more impressive.

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