Plextor M5S 256 GB Review: Marvell Inside, With A Twist

Benchmark Results: HD Tune

Once we wrap up testing with hIOmon, applying multiple real-world workloads, the drives are in a used state. Next, we proceed with a HD Tune write benchmark across the full span of each drive to look for consistency in write performance.

This test consists of writing data to every sector of the SSDs, measuring speed and latency. In the graphs below, the orange line represents write performance, and the yellow dots indicate write access time (you want those as low as possible).

We're presented with no real surprises, particularly after the previous page. Samsung's 830 turns out to be fastest, followed by Plextor's M5S and Crucial's m4.

Crucial m4

Samsung 830

Plextor M5S

Summary Results

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