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3D Google Maps And HTML5 Gaming

Reporting From Google I/O 2012: Nexus 7 And Jelly Bean (Android 4.1)

3D Google Maps: Google I/O 2012 Demonstration

Google is still touting the benefits of 3D mapping, and its map update is going to look spectacular. You really get a sense for how detailed the maps are when you look at them on a large screen, though most of us will use the feature on a smaller scale.

Strike Fortess (by EA) - HTML5 Game Demo

We also wanted to weigh in on gaming. Unfortunately (depending on how hardcore you consider yourself), many of the demos at Google I/O 2012 looked an awful lot like Farmville. However, EA showcased a really cool HTML5-based game called Strike Fortress. It's just a demo, and the company has no plans to release it. But with that said, the graphics looked close to something out of Total Annihilation.

More to the point, this was perhaps the first time we've seen a compelling 3D Web-based game. Cooler still, EA created a demo that allows multiple people to interact on Android-based devices. It's like playing at a LAN event with a big spectator screen, except everyone uses mobile devices.

There are other cool happenings at Google I/O, and we'll be back with more. Stay tuned!

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