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Nvidia GeForce 9800 GX2 Review

Point of View supplied the sample card. It is identical to the reference design except for a sticker. Bundles will vary. Point of View will provide a DVI to VGA adapter and a PCI Express 6 pin to 2 Molex adapter, which is quite obsolete for such a card.

Outputs include two DVI-I ports and an HDMI port. Like the 9600 GT, the 9800 GX2 has an HDMI-in, located next to the additional power connectors for linking with the motherboard's PCB or a sound card.

Main Cards Specifications
GPU HD 3870 X2 9800 GX2 8800 Ultra
GPU clock 825 MHz 600 MHz 612 MHz
Shaders clock 825 MHz 1500 MHz 1512 MHz
Memory Clock 900 MHz 1000 MHz 1080 MHz
Width of the memory bus 2x256 bits 2x256 bits 384 bits
Memory Type GDDR3 GDDR3 GDDR3
Amount of Memory 2 x 512 MB 2x512 MB 768 MB
Number of Pixels/Vertex Pipelines (160) (64) (32)
Number of Texturing Units 32 128 32
ROP 32 32 24
Throughput ~1 TFlops 768 GFlops 387 GFlops
Memory Bandwidth 115.2 GB/s 128 GB/s 103.7 GB/s
Number of transistors 1334 millions 1010 millions 754 millions
Process 0.055µ 0.065µ 0.080µ
Die surface 2 x 196 mm² 2 x 324 mm² 484 mm²
Generation 2008 2008 2007
Shader Model supported 4.1 4.0 4.0

When it comes to specifications, we would like to see more memory (512 MB of really usable memory compared to the other cards) and more memory bus (there are 256 bits, although we can multiply this by two). NVIDIA has the upper hand for most of the other specs. Memory bandwidth, but mostly texturing units weigh in favor of the chameleon (with a filtrate three times superior). AMD has better raw throughput, but we know its actual architecture is less efficient. The 9800 GX2 has also the upper hand when it comes to die surface, which means cheaper production costs.

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