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Benchmark Results: Battery Life Tests

Oppo Find 5 Review: A Phone Of Firsts From A Brand To Watch
By , Dorian Black

In order to allow comparison across the various device platforms, our battery benchmark currently only includes a single metric, looped playback of the Sintel 1080p trailer with all devices set to a standardized brightness of 200 nits and volume muted.

Unsurprisingly, given its battery-draining five-inch 1080p display and relatively small 2500 mAh battery, the Find 5 resoundingly comes in last place, managing a run time of just over five hours. As with all battery metrics, this test only indicates the battery life in this specific usage scenario, and the phone's real-world results will vary considerably due to external factors such as the applications run, background processes, screen brightness, timeout settings, volume, notifications, calls, switching tasks, etc.

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