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Case, Power Supply, And Optical Drive

System Builder Marathon: $625 Gaming PC

Case: Rosewill R222-P-BK

Many gamers may be on a tight budget and might find that this $22 case from Rosewill can accommodate a high-end graphics card. While it does not offer nearly the same fit-and-finish level as the Antec cases we have used, the R222-P-BK has front USB and audio ports, a single 120 mm rear exhaust fan, and even an external 3.5” bay that some cases now lack.

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Power Supply: PC Power&Cooling Silencer PPCS500 500 W

We sure didn’t want to skimp on supplying enough clean power to our new components and chose this PC Power and Cooling Silencer 500 W for the task. The PPCS500 provides 35 A of +12 V and also dual PCIe power connectors (six and six/eight pin) needed for many of today’s more powerful graphics cards. Long cable lengths, a quiet automatic fan, an 80plus efficiency rating, a five-year warranty, and an available $20 mail-in rebate all add value to the purchase.

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Optical Drive: Lite-On 20X DVD±R SATA Model iHAS120-04

The Lite-On SATA 20X DVD+RW hasn’t disappointed yet and again gets the job of serving our optical drive needs.

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