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Benchmark Results: DirectX 11 Games

Micro-Stuttering And GPU Scaling In CrossFire And SLI
By , Greg Ryder

Metro 2033

Aliens Vs. Predator

Interim Assessment:

Metro 2033 is in its own category here, as AMD's most recent driver package seems to hurt performance. We think this is a bug, so we're using older drivers in this one game in order to generate fair results.

Neither Nvidia nor AMD manage to avoid micro-stuttering in multi-GPU mode. Only the three-way CrossFire setup is more or less OK.

AvP lets the AMD cards shine as far as frame rates go. However, we're also setting new records in the micro-stuttering department. It takes a three-way or four-way CrossFire setup to approach the quality of Nvidia's SLI output.

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