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Benchmark Results: 128 KB Sequential Performance

Intel SSD 330 Review: 60, 120, And 180 GB Models Benchmarked

Sequential Read Performance

Examples include file copying, transcoding, game level loading, some gameplay, watching video, and editing video

All of the SandForce-based SSDs perform similarly in sequential read testing at high queue depths. The Marvell controller-based Crucial m4 keeps pace, while Samsung's 830 falls slightly behind.

However, at a queue depth of one, we do see some differentiation between drives. The SSD 520 starts out at 360 MB/s, while the rest of the SandForce-based SSDs achieve close to 400 MB/s. Clearly, the SSD 330 isn't being handicapped in sequential read speed.

Sequential Write Performance

Examples include Application Installation, Document Backup

The SandForce-based SSDs deliver similar performance at higher queue depths, except for the 60 GB SSD 520, the 60 GB SSD 330, and OCZ's 60 GB Agility 3.

At a queue depth of one, Intel's SSD 330 falls about 10 MB/s behind the Agility 3 at each capacity point. Intel's 60 and 240 GB SSD 520 perform about 25 MB/s slower than the SSD 330 and Agility 3 in sequential writes. But that gap evaporates quickly as the drives see more outstanding I/Os. 

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