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Hands-On With Small Business Advantage's Features, Continued

Intel vPro In 2012, Small Business Advantage, And Anti-Theft Tech.

Data Backup and Restore makes it easy to schedule backups through Microsoft's Windows Backup utility. In our example here, we used a local Windows Home Server share as our target.

You can quickly check the status of Data Backup and Restore from the SBA dashboard.

The PC Health Center facilitates configuration of Windows Update, disk defragmentation, and the persistence of browser history files. You can have it delete your temporary Internet files and cookies every night, if you so desire, and even if you've already shut the system down.

SBA's dashboard displays the schedule for each PC Health Center task you configure.

As discussed, Energy Saver's function is really pretty simple: the module turns your PC on and off at set intervals, cutting power when you go home for the night and making sure it's ready to go when you arrive in the morning. The schedule is easy to set up and worked as advertised.

Again, the SBA dashboard is your window in to Energy Saver's status.

One other nice feature of SBA is its event viewer. If you do have to troubleshoot a machine, you can diagnose any of the behaviors that SBA monitors through its log.

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