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Judging from the R9 290X Lightning's hefty build, it takes a lot of metal to cool the Hawaii GPU properly. But what does this massive card give you aside from sharp looks? How about impressive acoustics? Is its...


In this month's update, we discuss one processor introduction, plus notable price changes to 12 existing products. We also cover some of the news from Intel regarding its Haswell refresh and Z97 chipset,...

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Tutorial - MARCH 5

I was just roaming around my house and I thought that I should use my older AMD rig and overclock it and see how...

reviews - APRIL 14 32

SPECviewperf 12 sets out to be the standard for evaluating workstation graphics cards by including the latest professional applications, more complex models, and synthetic workloads pulled from important market...

reviews - APRIL 11 1167

This month's update covers a number of drops in mid- and high-end Radeon prices, in some cases bringing these products back to competitive levels. In addition, we have a new low-budget recommendation. And...

news - APRIL 9 19

It's just a rumor, but so was the Radeon memory at one point.

reviews - APRIL 9 107

AMD is repackaging the mobile-focused Kabini APU for use on the desktop, and tucking them under the familiar Athlon and Sempron brands. We take a closer look at the company's socketed AM1 platform and compare...

reviews - APRIL 8 117

“Do you have what it takes?” AMD asks, purportedly referring to the big budget and beefy power supply you need before buying its new Radeon R9 295X2. We benchmark the 500 W, dual-GPU beast against several...

news - APRIL 7 18

There you have it: The R9 295X2 in all its glory, along with men in suits.

news - APRIL 4 10

We take a stroll through AMD's new datacenter located in Suwanee, Georgia.

news - APRIL 1 21

Hawaii + Hawaii = Vesuvius? Both are in the Northern Hemisphere! Tom's Hardware delivers exclusive Volcanic Islands and Vesuvius info like you've never seen before!

reviews - MARCH 31 24

We're not particularly fond of AMD's reference Radeon R9 270-series cooling solution. Fortunately, most of the company's board partners have their own heat sinks and fans. We take 10 cards and measure their...

news - MARCH 20 44

But can it play Crysis? Oh yes it can.

reviews - MARCH 20 46

AMD’s Socket FM2+ interface introduces official PCI Express 3.0 support to the company's APUs based on the Kaveri architecture. We take a look at four motherboards in order to determine which features and...

reviews - MARCH 18 64

Square Enix's Thief reboot becomes the first title with support for AMD's TrueAudio feature, and the second leveraging the company's Mantle API. How much additional performance can you expect? We're busy in the...

reviews - MARCH 5 41

AMD’s Radeon R9 290X is an incredibly powerful gaming card. Unfortunately, the company's cheap cooling solution results in inconsistent performance and excessive noise. PowerColor’s liquid-cooled LCS AXR9...

news - MARCH 3 6

AMD releases its OpenCL 1.2 Beta Windows driver today so that interested developers can play with the potential of HSA. The company also reiterates its commitment to support HSA on Linux, in addition to...

news - MARCH 1 47

AMD responds to talk about DirectX and OpenGL being lower in the software stack.

news - FEBRUARY 27 15

This will be a premium version offering the full-blown Android experience.

reviews - FEBRUARY 26 67

Our updated round-up of Hawaii-based board partner products includes two Radeon R9 290s, five Radeon R9 290Xes, the reference card with our Arctic Accelero Extreme III modification, and another home-grown...

news - FEBRUARY 25 8

AMD's Catalyst 14.2 beta drivers are now available. AMD is also making changes to the X.ORG 'radeon' repository.