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On paper, the new Tonga-based R9 285 looks to be slightly slower than the R9 280 it is intended to replace, but there's more than meets the eye.


We take a look at the value proposition offered by Sapphire's Dual-X R9 280 and consider it's performance compared to its competitor, the GeForce GTX 760, and its predecessor, the Radeon HD 7950 Boost.

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Tutorial - AUGUST 26

I'm upgrading a lot of my PC along with my mobo and CPU so I'm going to have to re-install windows going from an AMD board to an Intel. ...

news - SEPTEMBER 2 4

AMD has launched a "Space Edition" of its Never Settle rewards program.

news - SEPTEMBER 2 31

AMD Now Offers Eight-Core Processors For 95-Watt Motherboards, providing a low-budget upgrade path to respectable multi-threading performance. In addition, the new FX-8370 processor has arrived, and prices...

news - AUGUST 23 33

AMD announced the R9 285 at its "30 Years of Gaming and Graphics" event.

news - AUGUST 21 39

AMD might be dropping some of its CPU prices in a couple of weeks, which is unarguably a good thing.

news - AUGUST 19 39

AMD makes an entry to the SSD market with its Radeon R7-branded SSDs.

reviews - AUGUST 19 69

AMD recently introduced another model in its A-series APU family called the A10-7800. While we already know a lot about the Kaveri architecture, this particular chip's power profile makes it more interesting...

news - AUGUST 11 31

A report is online with pictures of graphics cards with the new AMD Tonga GPU; they look like ordinary graphics cards.

reviews - AUGUST 7 47

August gives you price reductions across the Radeon and GeForce line-ups. We also take a close look at AMD's Mantle graphics API, test PowerColor's new dual Radeon R9 290X and AMD's FirePro W8100, and talk...

news - AUGUST 5 18

AMD is providing some answers to questions about FreeSync in a new FAQ.

reviews - AUGUST 5 57

Over the last month, a myriad of price changes hit the processor market. We tell you if any of them affect your buying strategy. On top of that, we discuss rumors surrounding AMD's next-generation Corrizo APU...

news - AUGUST 4 81

AMD has revealed two new processors -- the FX-8300 and the Athlon X4 860K.

reviews - JULY 30 15

After introducing the flagship FirePro W9100, AMD now has a FirePro W8100 in its portfolio. Somewhat lower specs (like 8 GB of memory, a slower GPU, and fewer shader units) should position it in the workstation...

news - JULY 28 34

This new client has Twitch support and a DVR.

reviews - JULY 21 43

PowerColor’s Devil 13 graphics card, with its two Hawaii GPUs and massive heat sink, weighs in at more than two kilograms and exudes luxury. But can it compete with AMD’s dual-GPU reference design with...

reviews - JULY 16 107

AMD's Mantle is available to users of certain Radeon cards, as are the first few titles with corresponding API support. We gathered up a number of CPUs and graphics boards, fired up Battlefield 4 and Thief, and...

news - JULY 15 22

Is AMD's HSA arriving with force in the upcoming Carrizo APUs?

news - JULY 14 31

It looks like Adaptive-Sync might just become standard fare on DisplayPort-enabled monitors a couple years down the road.

news - JULY 11 32

AMD has posted a new Catalyst driver.

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