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Cases - Page 4


Once you know what you want to put inside of your dream PC, you need to pick the right case to hold all of those parts. Noise levels, cooling performance, and expansion are all variables we take into consideration when we review the latest enclosures.

news - DECEMBER 17 10

SilverStone's new ML06 Mini-ITX HTPC enclosure is arriving soon.

news - DECEMBER 13 3

Inter-Tech GmbH has introduced its new Intel NUC enclosure.

news - DECEMBER 12 20

SilverStone has sent out more images of its rather interesting Mini-ITX enclosure.

news - DECEMBER 10 7

Lian-Li has released its PC-Q35 enclosure, which is ideal for use as an NAS chassis.

news - DECEMBER 9 7

Sharkoon's new REX case is built for water cooling.

news - DECEMBER 3 47

Lian-Li is looking for your feedback about one of their prototypes, the PC-A51.

news - NOVEMBER 30 25

Antec's new ISK600 Mini-ITX enclosure is able to house a fair amount of high-end hardware.

news - NOVEMBER 30 2

Aerocool introduces its GT and GT-Advance PC enclosures.

news - NOVEMBER 30 12

In Win is expanding its chassis line-up with a sleek mid-tower that features a few interesting design choices.

news - NOVEMBER 29 6

BitFenix launches its Colossus M series PC enclosures, which are compact, yet can fit a colossal amount of hardware.

news - NOVEMBER 21 4

Nanoxia has revealed its new compact and silent PC enclosure.

news - NOVEMBER 21 2

Cooler Master has announced its new Silent Silencio 652 desktop enclosure.

news - NOVEMBER 20 10

Antec releases a budget oriented silent PC enclosure, which still looks pretty sweet!

reviews - NOVEMBER 19 39

Lian Li's PC-Q30 is not just a PC case, but an enclosure that serves as a showcase for the living room, including a unique shape and a large front window to show off the technology you cram inside. It’s sure...

news - NOVEMBER 8 9

The latest additions to the Thermaltake Urban Series are two simple, yet effective and stylish mid-tower cases.

news - NOVEMBER 7 8

Xigmatek has built something that's been styled by a hut full of martians.

news - OCTOBER 23 7

In case windowed cases aren't your bag.

reviews - OCTOBER 18 36

Aerocool, a company best known for its flashy tower-style gaming cases, surprised us with a small and well-thought-out cube-shaped chassis with space for tall CPU coolers and long graphics cards, in spite of...

news - OCTOBER 18 7

Here's a new mid-tower PC case with three fans included.

news - OCTOBER 17 24

InWin has launched its glass enclosure, which is transparent when powered on, but turns into a mirror when sleeping.

news - OCTOBER 16 13

These stackable cases can create interesting PC configurations.

news - OCTOBER 16 9

Here's a big two-compartment case that hides all the ugly stuff behind the motherboard.

news - OCTOBER 15 6

Rosewill has unleashed its THRONE gaming enclosures.

news - OCTOBER 13 25

Zalman has revealed its ZM-T4 computer case, and it is scary cheap.

news - OCTOBER 9 3

Zalman is preparing its ZM-Z1 computer chassis.

news - OCTOBER 5 14

Xigmatek has introduced its new Aquila Micro-ATX chassis, which can hold graphics cards up to 330 mm long.