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Power Supplies


Power supplies are responsible for feeding clean, stable juice to the sensitive components inside your PC. Calling it one of the most important components you'll buy is not an overstatement. The Tom's Hardware team can help you find the right PSU to keep your system running reliably all day long.

reviews - AUGUST 1 6

Until recently, buying a PSU with a four-digit wattage was perhaps most useful for boasting among fellow hardware enthusiasts – there was barely any real need for such high wattages. However, Bitcoin mining...

news - JULY 30 5

Fractal Design has built a new PSU with partially modular cabling.

Power Supplies on the Community

Power Supplies experts answer your questions

reviews - JULY 23 44

Do you think that all power supplies are manufactured by the brand on the label? Think again. We show what makes a good PSU and reveal who builds them. You can actually find lots of quality (instead of just...

Tutorial - JUNE 23

Here is an excellent video on how to test your potentially dead PSU:

news - JULY 21 2

Xilence is building new entry-level PSUs.

reviews - JULY 15 37

Although high-wattage power supplies get most of the glory, we take our hats off to small, efficient solutions offering more practical output. We take four sub-450 W PSUs and run them through our benchmark...

news - JULY 8 7

Dirac's new Tesla Cube is the most powerful SFX PSU to date.

news - JUNE 23 7

EVGA is shipping its new SuperNOVA 1200 P2 PSUs.

news - JUNE 9 16

Super Flower's new Titanium PSUs can push up to 1600 W, beating the competition by a good 100 watt margin.

news - JUNE 3 6

80 PLUS Platinum for the win?

news - JUNE 2 9

Corsair is launching a new line of PSUs in August.

news - MAY 29 9

SilentiumPC has revealed a PSU with a fan that will only spin up when necessary.

news - MAY 16 0

Lepa has released four new PSUs.

news - MAY 16 0

Cooler Master has three new PSUs.

news - MAY 8 10

BitFenix' Fury PSUs all come with individually sleeved cables.

news - MAY 2 0

The AX1500i is the world's first PSU to carry 80 Plus Titanium certification.

news - APRIL 30 6

Evga has released four cable sets for its new SuperNova G2 and P2 series of PSUs.

news - APRIL 25 0

Sharkoon introduces a cheap semi-modular PSU.

news - APRIL 21 0

Hooray, a new PSU from Super Flower is about to hit shelves.

news - APRIL 15 17

Silverstone's new PSU is fanless, which makes it very likely to also be completely quiet.

news - MARCH 20 12

SilverStone has built a simple power supply that should do the job for most users.

news - MARCH 20 2

Lepa's new PSUs are designed with coin miners in mind, and are thus very powerful.