Cooler Master's Master X Mighty 2800W and 2000W PSUs could power multiple RTX 4090s

Official render of the Cooler Master X Mighty PSU's 2800W variant with flaunted 2X Xeon/EPYC and 4X RTX 4090 support.
Official render of the Cooler Master X Mighty PSU's 2800W variant with flaunted 2X Xeon/EPYC and 4X RTX 4090 support. (Image credit: Cooler Master (via Videocardz))

According to a report from, Cooler Master is preparing to launch its series of 2000W+ X Mighty PSUs. The X Mighty 2000 Platinum, announced last month, is a 2000 Watt PSU with 80+ Platinum Efficiency, Full Modularity, and even a dedicated heatsink. Over on Twitter, though, Cooler Master is teasing a yet higher tier, and that higher tier seems to be the X Mighty 2800 Platinum, which should be mostly the same besides the 800 Watt increase.

Besides the impressive wattage, the overall design of the Cooler Master X Mighty PSU Series also shows promise. The "full heatsink" mentioned prior involves the use of advanced heat pipes alongside the typical PSU fan, and includes support for software monitoring and control of the PSU, particularly using Cooler Master's MasterCTRL software.

In order to achieve quad 4090s on the X Mighty 2000, you'll need to use 3x8-Pin to 12VHPWR adapters since there are only 2 normal 12VHPWR connectors on the X Mighty 2000. The design of the X Mighty 2800 isn't fully confirmed and could conceivably make the switch to 4 x 12VHPWR connectors to better suit super high-end multi-GPU users, though, since they're the target audience.

In any case, Cooler Master's CES 2024 showing looks somewhat promising, even outside of these X Mighty Power Supplies. Cooler Master's X Silent PSUs and expanded line-up of CPU coolers also look to be competitive in their respective niches, though of course we'll need to wait until actual release to determine if these products are good or not.

CES 2024 may even end up changing the intended target audience of these PSUs, at least slightly. If the Nvidia Super refresh we expect to see at CES 2024 happens, it could even result in an RTX 4090 Ti, 4080 Super, or both to shake up the high-end GPU market and, with it, GPUs for the X Mighty Series to power.

The Cooler Master X Mighty 2800 Platinum isn't the only upcoming Power Supply with the wattage to support quadruple RTX 4090s. FSP's 2024 PSU line-up should include a 2500 Watt PSU that will be capable of the same, albeit with slightly less headroom. Even the base CM X Mighty 2000 Platinum may power quad 4090s (official TDP is 450W x 4 = 1800), but with only 200W remaining for the rest of your PC and power efficiency, it's not recommended.

  • mikewinddale
    How do you power this? An electrical outlet can only continuously sustain 80% of its rated load. So a 15A outlet is 1440 watts (15A*0.8*120V), while a 20A is 1920 watts (20A*0.8*120V).

    Assuming 90% efficiency at full load, a 2800 watt power supply draws 3111 watts (2800/0.9).

    So it draws 3111 watts from a 1920 watt wall outlet. How do you power this thing? With a 240V dryer/oven outlet? Or does it require two 20A outlets, each on their own independent circuits? Even two 15A circuits wouldn't be enough.
  • RichardtST
    Oh, now that's certainly lovely! Double or triple the odds of burning your house down!
  • _Shatta_AD_
    Exactly my thoughts, 240V is a must so in NA you need to hire an electrician to rewire the entire house to be able to run this thing and if you’re renting, good luck getting your landlord to approve lol, though for the targeted billionaire audience who owns multiple RTX 4090s, it shouldn’t be a big issue. They certainly already had or won’t mind building a whole new server building to house these.
    Alternatively, they could use two 120V(20+A) connectors, but that’s cause for more liability as you’d need two circuits that may be spaced far away nor will it stop illiterates from trying to plug them both into the same 1850/1650W rated power bar hopefully with good safety standards. Once they start tripping or damaging their PC, obviously they’ll return products claiming poor build quality or defects when it’s their stupidity.
  • torbendalum
    How do you power this?
    Easy, I just plug it into my normal outlet. In the EU we have 230V-13A in the normal outlet and then we have a 400V-16A for the stove.