Cooler Master X Silent PSUs ranging from 850W to 1300W include two fanless options and one with a 'silent fan'

Cooler Master X Silent family of power supplies
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Cooler Master has officially unwrapped its X Silent family of power supplies (PSUs) ahead of CES 2024. The name reveals the big attraction here – silent PSUs, which deliver surprising amounts of power, breaking boundaries for fanless power supplies. There are three new X Silent PSUs in all, with power ratings spanning 850W, 1100W, and 1300W, and two of them are entirely passive fanless designs.

The fanless and thus completely silent stars of the X Silent family are the Cooler Master X Silent Edge Platinum 850W and 1100W PSUs. However, if that isn’t enough silent power, Cooler Master is also touting the X Silent Max Platinum 1300W PSU featuring an ultra-quiet Mobius fan with a sub-20dB ambient noise profile.

Cooler Master’s X Silent Edge Platinum 850W and 1100W PSUs are entirely passive. For heat dissipation, they rely on heatpipes merged into the thick aluminum PSU casing, or what the maker calls “an innovative modularized thermal structure.” We took photos of this thermal structure on our visit to Cooler Master HQ back in December.

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Turning up the power a little higher, Cooler Master's X Silent Max Platinum 1300W PSU features the Edge models' thermal design and one of the firm's Mobius fans. In the video, you can see this is a sizable spinner, and it is built to actively cool while maintaining a "sub-20db ambient noise output," according to the firm. Moreover, the Mobius fan has a zero-RPM mode, so it will only typically start rotating when the system is under load.

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As a family, the Cooler Master X Silent (Edge / Max) Platinum PSUs have much in common. Other than the fanless and fan-cooled differences explained above, the 850W, 1100W, and 1300W PSU all have the following attractive qualities:

  • Silent and efficient power delivery
  • Digital monitor and MasterCTRL software controls provide real-time monitoring of temperature, load, and fan speed
  • 80 Plus Platinum efficiency certification, with over 92% efficiency at typical loads
  • ATX 3.0 support and a durable 90-degree 12VHPWR cable
  • Infineon electronic components
  • Long 15-year warranties

Cooler Master reckons its new X Silent PSUs will appeal to gamers, creative professionals, or anyone who appreciates the quality of silence.

The above trio of PSUs has been featured as part of Cooler Master’s Tech Experience Sneak Peek video series, warming up enthusiasts for CES 2024. As such, we don’t have the full specifications, availability, or pricing details we expect to be shared during CES 2024. Stay tuned for more on the above, and we are expecting more information on other PSU ranges, including SFX units and high-power PSUs with twin 12VHPWR connectors and cables.

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