Vaio releases the 'world’s lightest portable monitor' — Vision+ 14 screen weighs a mere 0.72 pounds

Vaio Vision+ 14
(Image credit: Vaio Corp)

Vaio Corporation has announced that it has created the world’s lightest portable monitor. The Japanese firm says the new Vaio Vision+ 14 weighs just 0.72 pounds (325g). Despite the lightweight, Vaio insists its new portable USB Type-C monitor features a sturdy construction. Taken at face value, the Vaio Vision+ 14 may thus be a compelling choice for tech road warriors.

The CEO of Vaio Corporation announced the Vaio Vision+ 14 as part of the firm’s 10th anniversary celebrations. Thus, this new portable monitor might be seen as a new flagship product, demonstrating Vaio no longer exists in the shadow of Sony, which sold off its personal computer division in 2014.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Vaio Vision+ 14 Specifications
Screen size14-inch diagonal 16:10 aspect ratio
Screen qualities1,920 x 1,200 pixels, high brightness, wide viewing angles, anti-glare, wide color gamut
I/O2x USB Type-C ports include PD pass-through, DP-Alt
Physical312.0mm x height 3.9~12.4mm x depth 211.1mm, 325g for main unit
AccessoriesAdjustable stand/cover, 1m USB cable, privacy filter
PowerMinimum 10W, but 65W+ is recommended for passthrough
Price54,800 yen (about $340) including sales tax

So, the Vaio Vision+ 14 can be remarkably thin, with parts of the slab just 3.9mm (0.15 inches) thick. However, in the product images, you can see the thicker protruded area housing the ports and electronics and where Vaio attaches a utilitarian metal kickstand.

The kickstand alone is enough to shove this display to the side of your PC or laptop in landscape mode. However, Vaio’s protective cover lets you use this second screen over your laptop. This may feel more comfortable for some, making working on smaller desks more manageable.

Packing the included cover significantly increases the weight of this device. Vaio’s 334mm x 222mm cover adds some thickness and weighs more than the screen at 440g. That would mean a total weight of 765g (1.7 pounds). Given the Vaio Vision+ 14’s touted durability, shoving it coverless into your laptop bag might be tempting.

In addition to its portability and ease of use, Vaio touts the quality of its new portable monitor. It has shared a few videos that attest to its durability. It also boasts that the Vision+ 14 is wholly made in Japan, has undergone rigorous quality testing, and that units always get a pre-shipment check.

Green credentials aren’t forgotten, with the new portable monitor claimed to have been constructed from select materials, put into environmentally friendly packaging, and manufactured in a factory converted to solely use renewable energy.

Vaio Corporation retails products directly in the U.S., but there were no listings for the Vaio Vision+ 14 at the time of writing. With the Japanese retail unit going for around $340, including local sales tax, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it at around $300 in the U.S. when/if it arrives on these shores.

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