Advanced Sign-in Security for Your Google Account

A few months back, Google started testing out a Google Apps feature called 2-step verification. 2-step verification is an opt-in setting that offers added protection for those who aren’t satisfied that a password alone will protect their Google account.

Similar to the way your online banking requires more than one password or code to be entered before you have access to your account, 2-step verification will require those who opt-in to employ a second password in the form of a code that you can either receive from Google (via phone or SMS) or generate yourself on your Android, BlackBerry, or iPhone smartphone. This means that to gain access to your account, a hacker would need both your password and your cell phone to get in. There’ll also be the ability to ‘remember verification for 30 days’ which will mean you won’t have to do the verification-code-phone-dance for a month.

Google is in the process of rolling out this feature so keep an eye out for the 2-step verification link in your account settings.

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  • Darkk
    This isn't a bad idea. However, it makes more sense to me to have google send me a alert text when something has been changed on my account. Something most banks do now.
    What would make more sense to do is for Google to keep track of what computers/devices you sign on from and if the device is allowed to access your account. Also, if you have to login to your account from a different device (or public machine), have an option for "Allow other devices to sign into this account". Is Google allowed to connect information about a computer such as MAC address or Windows key?
  • squallypie
    This would probably improve the feeling of safety for the users of Google Chrome OS, since the whole OS is dependent on online stuff, mainly google's services.