Oculus Touch Will Launch Later This Year With More Than 30 Games

Oculus announced that when Oculus Touch launches later this year more than 30 games would support the motion controllers on day one. We still don’t know when that day one is, though, and it appears we’ll have to wait until the fall to find out.

Oculus released a trailer today that shows the Oculus Touch controllers in action. The company also revealed the names of two-thirds of the Touch-supported games that will launch when the controllers do. Curiously, the company said more than 30 titles are coming, but only named 20.

Several of the announced games are titles we’ve already known about for months, including Owlchemy Labs’ Job Simulator, Northway Games’ Fantastic Contraption, and Harmonix’s Rock Band VR. It’s also no secret that Crytek would be updating The Climb to support Touch controls when they became available.

There have also been some new announcements, of course. Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope from Croteam, Killing Floor: Incursion from Tripwire Interactive, and Superhot from Superhot Team will also be making their debut this year on Touch.

Oculus also revealed two games that Oculus Studios helped create. Ripcoil, which was developed by Oculus Studios and Sanzaru Games, and Wilson’s Heart, which was co-created by Oculus Studios and Twisted Pixel. Wilson’s Heart is a psychological thriller that you play a role in. The game has a trailer, but it won’t actually be out until 2017.

InsomniacThe Unspoken
InsomniacDead & Buried,
HarmonixRock Band VR
SanzaruVR Sports Challenge
CrytekThe Climb 
CroteamSerious Sam VR: The Last Hope
OpusPro Fishing Challenge VR 
Schell GamesI Expect You to Die
Other OceanGiant Cop 
Owlchemy LabsJob Simulator
Northway GamesFantastic Contraption 
Oculus StudiosOculus Medium 
Insomniac Feral Rites
UbisoftEagle Flight
High Voltage SoftwareDamaged Core
Oculus Studios / Twisted PixelWilson’s Heart
Oclulus Studion /  Sanzaru Games Ripcoil 
Tripwire InteractiveKilling Floor: Incursion
Superhot TeamSuperhot VR

We had hoped to hear some definitive details about the Touch release schedule at E3, but Oculus has dashed those hopes. The company said we’ll be waiting until fall to hear about the launch plans, but it does appear Touch has a rich future ahead of it.

“This is just the beginning—there are hundreds of additional Touch titles in development, and we’ll share the full Touch lineup and launch details later this fall,” said Oculus.

Oculus is supposed to be launching Touch this year, but if we have to wait until “later this fall” to find out when, then it would seem Touch could end up being a holiday release. Let's hope “this fall” doesn’t mean November.

Oculus Touch

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  • jkflipflop98
    . . . Or you can just buy a Vive now, which includes the motion controllers and it also allows you to get up out of your chair and play games. Something the Rift doesn't do.
  • Crystalizer
    Yes Vive's motion tracking is really fun! I totally recommend it. The feeling of being in there is awesome. I tried oculus dk 1 and 2. I think just the ability to see and have something in your hand is not enough. I have been playing game called Holopoint and Vanishing realms on Vive. These games will make you crawl, dodge and shoot with bow in ways I could have never thought possible.

    The sword fights are little bit clumsy on Vanishing realms. Mostly because the AI. Sometimes it can predict and dodge, but that's about it. I ques this will bring new problem in table with the developers. Creating an AI that can fight and dodge like human with swords will be hard I think. I'm sure devs will come up with something.
  • David Dewis
    48056 said:
    . . . Or you can just buy a Vive now, which includes the motion controllers and it also allows you to get up out of your chair and play games. Something the Rift doesn't do.

    The one thing that steered me away from the Vive and made me keep my rift. Preorder was most reviews stated the rift was more comfortable, especially for long play times. Considering I'm looking at playing sims, that's important to me. Waiting until fall is a pain, but I'd rather have a comfy headset that I can wear for long periods of time than a headset I can use for 1 hour bouts. But everyone to their own.