Intel Releases Budget Friendly 330-Series SSDs

Just a few weeks ago, we got our first bit of information on the upcoming 330-series when several online retailers begun listing the drive. Now, Intel has officially released its 330-Series SSD, which is available in three capacities: 60 GB, 120 GB and 180 GB. The drive is based on a 2.5-inch/9.5mm form factor and utilizes 25nm Intel NAND Flash Memory Multi-Level Cell (MLC). As a replacement to the 320-Series, the 330-Series uses a SATA 6 Gb/s interface, which doubles the bandwidth of the current 320-Series SATA 3 Gb/s SSDs. 

Intel lists the performance numbers for the 330-Series at up to 500 MB/s sequential read speeds and up to 450 MB/s sequential write speeds. The drives offer random 4 KB reads of 22,500 IOPS, with random 4 KB writes of 33,000 IOPS respectively. Intel lists the power consumption at 850 milliwatt (mW) typical active power draw, with typical idle power draw at 600 mW respectively.

Intel now offers a broad range of SSD choices within four product families. The Intel SSD 300 family is aimed at entry-level, mainstream end-users. The Intel SSD 500 family offers more fully featured, higher-performing end users SSDs for computer and gaming enthusiasts. The Intel SSD 700 and Intel SSD 900 families are targeted for data center applications.

The 330-Series will be available starting today with a suggested price of $89 for a 60GB drive, $149 for a 120GB drive and $234 for a 180GB drive. It is also backed by a 3-year limited warranty. In addition, the 330-Series drives utilize Intel's Solid-State Drive Toolbox with Intel SSD Optimizer and Intel's Data Migration Software.

  • FIRST!!!! YIPPEE!!!!
  • CDdude55
    Nice drives for nice prices.
  • maxinexus
    Great value
  • Area51
    Is reliability still an issue with SSD?
  • sonofliberty08
    made by foxconn ??
  • outlw6669
    Not even a week after I pick up a shiny new Samsung 830 and Intel decides to release less expensive SandForce drives with their own Firmware Special-Sauce.
    Damn, wish I would have waited just a little longer before buying :(
  • david42one
    They don't seem very cheap
  • @Area51, No, especially not with intel who heavily tests their stuff before it gets released.
    @sonofliberty08, No, Intel. Intel doesn't rebrand stuff, they make their own.
    As far as I know these series contain sandforce controllers, but intel NAND chips. If done well, this can really turn out amazing, but only time will tell if they did the right thing.
  • halcyon
    Doug wrote, "Intel Releases Budget Friendly 330-Series SSDs" ...I read, "Intel Releases Slower 330-Series SSDs". That's just the enthusiast in me speaking louder than the responsible adult.
  • hellfire24
    for $150,inte 330 120gb sata iii drive is great but for $234,180gb is not a good deal because you can get a muskin enhanced chronos deluxe 240gb sata iii drive for just $230
    Max Sequential Read - 560MB/s
    Max Sequential Write- 525MB/s
    sweet deal isn't it?