New AMD/ATI Catalyst Drivers Promise Higher Benchmark Scores, Smoother Gameplay


Los Angeles - AMD has released its newest Catalyst Windows and Linux drivers for the ATI Radeon graphics cards. The Catalyst 8.7 drivers promise performance increases of up to 20% in the 3DMark Vantage benchmark and frame rate increases of up to 15% in games like Company of Heroes,

Los Planet and Call of Duty 4. Linux fans will be happy as the drivers now include support for Ubuntu 8.04 and SLED 10 sp2. You can download Catalyst 8.7 from AMD’s support page here.

AMD Catalyst driver download page

  • wavetrex
    Bullsh*t !
    There is no change, absolutely no change, I got the exact same scores/fps in games with the new 8.7 as I had with 8.6, on my standard clocked 4870.

    I dunno what things these drivers do, but speed isn't improved at all.
  • eklipz330
    wavetrex, did you read the games that were improved?
  • sublifer
    and the cards improved.... the lower cards almost always get the best improvements. Read elsewhere the high gains are generally 3600 and 3400 cards. I do recall seeing something listing up to 4% improvement in 48x0 cards... just a few games though I think.
  • goonting
    the 4800 does not have much to improve to date... perhaps Crossfirex improves... will test it later with my HD3870...
  • creepster
    I play games, not benchmarks...