AMD Launches AMD Game For Change

Amid all the Computex fuss it’s important to remember that outside of Taipei, the world goes on. It’s with this in mind that AMD today announced the launch of AMD Changing the Game, the first initiative from the newly formed AMD foundation.

The AMD Foundation is dedicated to supporting initiatives that encourage and facilitate science, technology, engineering and math learning for current and future generations (STEM skills).

The announcement of AMD Changing the Game coincides with the Games for Change Festival, running from June 3rd to 5th in New York. The festival itself is an effort to support organisations, which use games to help encourage social change.

Through the program, AMD plans to award grants to non-profit organisations aimed at improving technical skills by teaching children to develop games with social content.

Dirk Meyer embraced the foundation’s move in a statement this morning,

“We have a tremendous opportunity to harness the passion that kids have for gaming while teaching the skills they need to be successful in our 21st Century digital economy,”

The announcement comes soon after the company’s launch of AMD Game!, a program designed to help the consumer select gaming machines suitable to their needs.

  • rantarave
    now kiddies i know you and all your friends want a Nvidia graphics card but you can be different Ati is almost as good

    this is a good thing because all my friends totally hate ATI for some reason ATI has to get a better PR campaign going

    even my friends who dont know anything about computers and just want to play X game on their computer always dont want ATI
  • mr roboto
    As an Nvidia owner I must agree that this is the general consensus. I don't know why but ATI often gets a bad rap. For low and midrange cards ATI seems a good solution and competes with Nvidia in that sector. However this is hardly the point of the article.
  • From_Nowhere
    A lot of people giving ATI a bad rep is odd... Red vs Green I suppose?

    Anyway, "Changing the Game," seems to be a pretty good idea.