AMD Announces New Titles for Gaming Evolved Program

AMD has announced a host of new additions to its Gaming Evolved program. AMD formally announced the new titles at an event in San Diego today, and has the games on showcase there. The list of new games added to the program is as follows:

  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow; published by Konami, developed by MercurySteam
  • Final Fantasy XIV; published by Square Enix, developed by Square Enix
  • Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded; published by Replay Games, developed by N-Fusion Interactive
  • Murdered: Soul Suspect; published by Square Enix, developed by Airtight Games
  • Pirate 101; published and developed by KingsIsle Entertainment
  • Shadow of the Eternals; published and developed by Precursor Games
  • Thief; published by Square Enix, developed by Eidos Montreal

AMD's Gaming Evolved program aims to boost PC gaming by partnering with game developers. Titles listed as part of the Gaming Evolved Program are akin to those that launch with Nvidia's The Way It's Meant To Be Played logo. The Gaming Evolved stamp represents AMD's collaboration with game developers to help deliver the best possible experience for gamers and ensure the newest titles run smoothly on AMD hardware.

  • redeemer
    PC gaming is dying?? Yeah right!
  • Stimpack
    I still say it's better to worry more about the hardware/price rather than the games included. I can only imagine that AMD gets a pretty nice deal doing this, though.
  • internetlad
    No "Watch Dogs"? Bummer! I guess that "leak" from a while back was fake.
  • vmem
    Hmm, they've really got a thing going with Square Enix
  • falchard
    The thing I find funny about Gaming Evolved is that the games usually perform better on NVidia.
  • Immaculate
    Hopefully they come out with another revision around the holiday season. I mean they did say they were going to do BATTLEFIELD 4.
  • ekho
    "PC gaming is dying?? Yeah right!"

    No yet dude, not yet.
  • m32
    11183490 said:
    No "Watch Dogs"? Bummer! I guess that "leak" from a while back was fake.

    The "Gaming Evolved Program" is different from "The Never Settle Program". We don't know what games AMD is going to be offering 'if' they have another "Never Settle" deal.
  • 17seconds
    A rather suspect list of titles that I doubt anyone is seriously looking forward to. Maybe Thief will be cool.
  • TheCapulet
    Hmmm... I might play theif, but the others look like /r/steamgameswap fodder.