AMD-powered Jaguar is 'Fastest Supercomputer'

Finally beating out IBM's Roadrunner, the first system in the world to break the petaflops barrier in the summer of last year, it was third time lucky for Jaguar as it finally topped TOP500's 34th list of supercomputers with 1.759 petaflops.

According to TOP500, the Jaguar’s number of compute cores has been increased from 129600 to 224162, since last list was compiled. The supercomputer has also been equipped with AMD’s new six-core ‘Istanbul’ processors, which have only been available since August, and 2GB of memory per core. Each compute node features two Opterons with 12 cores and 16GB of shared memory. The whole system has 300TB of memory and 10PB of hard disc space.

The upgraded Jaguar at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, now boasts a speed of 1.759 petaflop per second from its 224,162 cores. The Roadrunner runner-up posted processing speeds of 1.04 petaflop per second.

Read more from TOP500 here.

  • lordcrazex
    one of the many remarkable achievements; brought to you by AMD :)
  • microterf
    That is insane. I would like to see a price tag for that much power
  • jenesuispasbavard
    zipzoomflyhighCan it play Crysis though?Probably without any help from a GPU.
  • DeadCat
    Can it play Crysis though?
    That joke it's old and I think I hate it!
  • darkknight22
    Would be great to type up my word documents on
  • sunflier
    zipzoomflyhighCan it play Crysis though?
    deadcatThat joke it's old and I think I hate it!
    We ALL hate it!!!
  • papasmurf
    I wonder how much of that computing power they actually use at one time. It seems to me that the way applications are written these days 222,162 threads would be hard to use.
  • mathiasschnell
    "petaflops per second"

    Redundant. FLOPS = FLoating point Operations Per Second.
  • triplanetary
    Dammit, stop saying petaflops per second.