ASRock Releases Yet Another A85X Based Motherboard

Last week we showed you ASRock's new mini ITX A85X board. Now, ASRock has released another A85X board, this time of ATX format. 

The new FM2A85X Pro motherboard from ASRock carries support for FM2 APUs. It comes with 5-phase VRM power, two DDR3 slots that support speeds of up to 1866 MHz and 32 GB, a PCIe 2.0 x16 slot, a handful of PCIe x1 slots, two legacy PCI slots, and a PCIe 2.0 x4 slot that comes in the form of a PCIe x16 slot. Furthermore the board comes packed with 8 SATA3 ports.

The rear I/O has 6 USB ports (of which two are USB 3.0), stereo audio, a DVI port, VGA port, gigabit LAN port, and a pair of classic PS/2 ports. The motherboard also has an onboard header for another pair of USB 3.0 ports.

Pricing is expected to be about $80.


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  • The-Darkening
    4 slots of ram could have been better. Oh well...
  • dark_knight33
    The-Darkening4 slots of ram could have been better. Oh well...


    But you can see, it there was just no room on the board for it. $80 is a steal for that feature set though.
  • WithoutWeakness
    The-Darkening4 slots of ram could have been better. Oh well...

    It's odd to see a board labeled as "Pro" and only have 2 RAM slots, especially when Asus's "Pro" boards are usually their second-from-the-top behind their Deluxe models (and their ROG boards I suppose).

    Though with 8GB DIMMs now down to appropriate prices and 16GB DIMMs emerging you could still drop 32GB in this and do whatever you want. If you need more RAM than that you should probably be looking at another socket/chipset anyway. I'm not really sure what use case requires 32GB of RAM and an APU.