ATI Issues Fix for Grey Screening 5800 Series

Users of 5800 series cards will be glad to know that ATI has released a hotfix for intermittent grey screen and vertical line corruptions that randomly appear while watching movies, playing games or when the computer is sitting idle.

The hotfix applies to Windows 7 32bit, Windows 7 64bit, Windows Vista 32bit, Windows Vista 64bit, Windows XP, Windows XP x64 and Windows XP Media Center.

Click here to download the hotfix.

As of yet there is no word as to why some owners of 5700 series cards are seeing the same problem.

Click here and here to read more about the problem

UPDATE: ATI has said hotfix applies to both the 5800 series and the 5700 series.

UPDATE2: ATI now says they're still working on a hotfix for the 5700 series cards. The hotfix released yesterday applies only to the 5800 cards. They're still working on a fix for the 5700 series.

  • IronRyan21
    Hooray! ATI FTW!
  • akoegle
    i have a 5770 and I'm going to try installing this patch.
  • akoegle
    installed, if I have any issues this will be the first place I go.
  • PynkFloydd if they could just fix the audio issues for multi-channel PCM above 24 bit/48 KHz, I'd be happy.
  • rambo117
    I just got my 5750 from newegg today, hopefully I won't need this hotfix... =\
  • tpi2007
    hmmm... in the hotfix page it says "alleviates".. in my dictionary alleviate means "to make something less severe".

    Does this mean they have no way of solving the problem?

    Or does this just mean there is a new Bios version being prepared that solves the problem along with a decent software solution integrated withing Catalyst. I konw Hotfixes are just a temporary remedy, but the word hotfix includes the word "fix" and therefore it should.. er... fix the problem and not just alleviate it.

    This raises the concern if they are not just tinkering with voltages and clock speeds to try and avoid returns on those cards and thus prolong their life. I wouldn't think so because if that is the case they probably won't last the entire warranty period anyway, but it is weird that they don't say what causes the problem and how the hotfix fixes it.

    Also, where did Tom's get the update that says the hotfix also applies to 5700 cards ? The hotfix page doesn't mention that.
  • dragonsqrrl if they could just fix the audio issues for multi-channel PCM above 24 bit/48 KHz, I'd be happy.Didn't realize there was trouble with that, that's troubling. could you give more specifics about the problem?
  • NapoleonDK
    Applied the fix, NOW I can play Crysis. :D
  • @tpi2007 thats why its a "hotfix" is a fix thats not supposed to be the definite answer to the problem, but rather a little sumthin' sumthin' to make it work properly until next driver comes
  • IzzyCraft
    filmman03wow, if this was nVidia, we would still be waiting for a fixExpect for the part where nvidia isn't known for buggy drivers while ATI has had that rep for quite a long time.

    If this was nvidia you'd be flaming nvidia for not doing things right instead of thanking ATI on fixing something that should have never been a problem.

    food for thought