Acer Working on a Touchscreen Keyboard Laptop

Digitimes reports that Acer is working on a frameless laptop that will use the back of the panel's glass substrate as the cover for the notebook. Citing "sources from notebook players," Digitimes says the super-slim laptop will also feature a touch keyboard, as opposed to a traditional, tactile touch keyboard.

Digitimes sources say Acer will adopt Corning's reinforced glass substrate, print color on the back and use the substrate like a notebook cover for a frameless design. The move will make for an ultra-slim design and will also reduce cost of materials.

The laptop is said to be launching in the second half of this year.

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  • sliem
    How about durability?
  • schmich
    What's behind a bezel that makes them so hard to remove anyways?
  • curnel_D
    I think the bezel-less feature is more important than the touch screen keyboard.
    schmichWhat's behind a bezel that makes them so hard to remove anyways?

    Basically just traditional design. There's really nothing behind the bezel aside from the screen power source, that can easily be moved into the base of the laptop itself.