Leaked: Acer's Got Two Tegra 3 Tablets

We already know that Asus has got its Eee Pad Transformer Prime and HTC apparently has a couple of quad-core phones in the pipeline. This week, Acer joined the fray of manufacturers working on quad-core mobile devices with two Tegra 3 tablets, the A700 and the A701. Already the proud manufacturer of the A100, the A500 and the A501 (not to mention the Windows-based W500), it looks like Acer is keen to keep its line of tablets alive.

Spotted over on Acer's support pages, mention of two Tegra 3 devices boasting 1920x1200 displays has really got us excited. Acer has neither confirmed nor denied their existence so we don't have anything to report from them. There's little else mentioned in the way of specs in the XML code, but we'd wager that these are Android tablets as the letter in the produce name has, at least in the past, been indicative of OS. Similarly, the only difference between the A500 and A501 was that the latter had 3G. The code does indicate that the same is true of the A700 and A701, so that's good news for your 3G fans.

Stay tuned for more info!

  • jdwii
    Toms fix picture you messed up!
  • de5_Roy
    i hope these sell better than tegra 2 ones.
  • jgutz2006
    1920x1200! thats actually quite exciting, i like the 16:10 aspect ratio over the 16:9 long skinny screens
  • jabliese
    Wow. When was the last time Acer made anything to get excited about?
  • fulle
    jdwiiToms fix picture you messed up!
    I'm not sure if you're trolling or not, as usual.
  • slabbo
    jablieseWow. When was the last time Acer made anything to get excited about?i take it you never tried their A500 tablet.
  • I had a play around with the Acer A500 tablet today. I must say, very impressed with the quality and speed, especially for the price range (Pretty mid-range price for a tablet). I am not sure what the American pricing is, but the A500 comes at around £60 or so cheaper (Depending on retailer) then the Asus Eee pad transformer, which is nothing short then a bargain.
  • tului
    SLABBOi take it you never tried their A500 tablet.Or their A100/A101. The A500 is cheaper than the Asus and includes more features in the base tablet. The A100 is nice for the smaller form factor, although the battery life is a bit wanting.
  • kronos_cornelius
    Tom's... make up your mind. Are the Table manufactures ramping up or steeping down from the table market ?
  • descendency
    I hope these are a lot better than the throw away tablets they made with Tegra 2s. The A500's battery life and general quality was lacking.