Amazon Cloud Player Launches in the UK

With Amazon's Kindle Fire finally headed for the UK, the company today announced the launch of its Amazon Cloud Player in the United Kingdom. Available to Amazon users in the U.S. for over a year already, Amazon's Cloud Player goes hand-in-hand with Cloud Drive and allows users to play music stored on the cloud via smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Cloud Player is available in free and premium versions. Those with the free version can store 250 tracks from their PC or Mac to Cloud Player. If you've ponied up for Cloud Player Premium, you'll have to pay £21.99 per year but will be able to store up to 250,000 tracks. Amazon-purchased MP3s don't count against your 250/250,000 limit.

"Millions of US customers are already using Amazon Cloud Player to listen to their music everywhere, on their favourite devices, including Kindle Fire, Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPod Touches, Macs and PCs," said Amazon's Greg Greeley. "The launch of Cloud Player in the UK means that customers can buy anywhere, play anywhere, and keep all of their music in one place without the need for constant software updates, or drives and cables to move and manage their music," he later added.

You can grab the Cloud Player for Android via Google Play -- Amazon says the Amazon MP3 app has been updated to include the mobile version of Cloud Player. Similarly, if you're rocking an iPod touch or iPhone you can get your app through Apple's App Store. Web users are covered by Cloud Player for Web, which supports all major browsers. Of course, when the Kindle Fire launches in the UK next month, it will also be Cloud Player compatible.

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  • kronos_cornelius
    Amazon needs to buy Pandora and integrate it with the cloud player. I listen to Pandora, then buy the songs I like on Amazon so I can hear them to stop them from going off in my head.

    This would be great... Although I don't mind listening to them on one site and hearing Amazon on the other ( It is not that much of a hassle) Pandora needs a better business model, and Amazon can bring the other half of my strategy..