Tom's Guide: 40 Free and Useful Android Apps

Smartphones and tablets aren't cheap. Whether you get them subsidized through your carrier or pay for them upfront, they're pricey pieces of equipment. Having spent all that money on your new toy, chances are you're looking for some top-notch free apps to help populate your device without breaking the bank even more than you already have. Check out Tom's Guide's '40 Free and Useful Android Apps' for some of our top recommendations!

The majority of the thousands of apps available on Google Play, the online catalog of software for Google's smartphone and tablet platform, are free. The true challenge is sorting the gold from the dross. Here's a list of 40 apps we've tried and loved. Hopefully you will too, especially since they'll cost you absolutely nothing to acquire.40 Free and Useful Android Apps

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  • lahawzel
    I wish there'd be an "article view" option for stuff like this; clicking 41 times to read the whole thing? Come on.

    EDIT> So most of the "apps" are just website-specific applications or some sort of social media (twitter/FB/LinkedIn/Google+/etc.).

    GO Power Master/PhoneUsage doesn't do a whole lot more than Android's built-in features.

    Advertising for Swype but no mention of SwiftKey.

    Tons of different image-editing apps that serve no real purpose whatsoever unless you're an instagram maniac.

    Many apps that already come with android (Google Maps and the like) are listed here, ostensibly so that we will get the latest version, but likely just there to fill space.

    Applications of crap that you can look up online in about 5 seconds (how to tie a tie, exchange rates) are also listed.

  • teh_chem
    Agreed with LaWawzel on both points: I hate these dumb "gallery view" formats. And also, the list reeks of advertising (which may or may not be the case).

    Anyhoo, just like the recent iOS "40 best" free apps, this one is littered with crap. I use the speedtest app on my phone, but I don't see why it should be a top 40 app?
  • house70
    Yay! An article about an article!
    It's OK, Tom's, Android users are pretty good at finding their way around their apps. Just focus on your iOS latest and greatest, that's what you're good at doing.
    You might want to create a guide for iMaps users: "How To Get Around Using a Topographic Map and a Compass".
  • Come on I was hoping for game apps
  • Johara Ameena Ganim
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