Tom's Guide: 20 Media Apps for Android Users

Smartphones are capable of a lot more than making calls and sending texts. If you have the right applications, you can ditch some of those extra devices (like your MP3 player or ereader, for example) that might be heavy or cumbersome to carry around, and just take your phone. Whether it's comics, books, movies or music, there are tons of options available via the Android market. Head on over to '20 Media Apps for Android Users' for some of our favorites.

The smartphone revolution has changed the way we consume media. Now, a tiny portable device can hold gigabytes of music, videos, books, and podcasts. Sometimes, the right apps can mean the difference between a viewing pleasure and a terrible, stuttering lag-fest. Here are a few of our favorite media players, ebook readers, and media management programs for the Android platform.20 Media Apps for Android Users

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