Apple Blocked eBay Sale of 3G MacBook Pro

You might remember earlier in the week when a 3G-equipped MacBook Pro cropped up on eBay. The person selling this unique laptop said that he had bought the computer from a someone on Craigslist who was selling it for parts. Once he got his hands on it and realized it wasn't a run of the mill 2007 MacBook Pro, he repaired it and put it up on eBay. By Monday, the bidding had reached $70,000. However, it wasn't long before the listing was pulled. Apparently, Apple blocked the sale. Posting to the MacRumors forums, the seller, going by the name of 'evilroot,' said that he received the following message from eBay regarding his posting:

Your listing has been removed. Your item was removed because of a request we received from Apple, Inc., a member of our Verified Rights Owner Program (VeRO), asking us to remove the item for: - Item(s) infringes copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights.

"As of now I know nothing further. I suppose I'll wait to hear from Apple and see what the explanation is and how to proceed," he wrote. "I'm really bummed out, obviously," he continued. "I put a lot of time and effort in and was under the distinct impression everything was legitimate. I also e-mailed Steve Jobs asking for clarification . . . . who knows, maybe he'll reply!"

In the absence of a buyer for the laptop, evilroot posted more pictures of the machine on the MacRumors forums, including additional photos of that ever so interesting antenna on the side of the display assembly. It turns out its actually a 'MagSafe' style setup that utilizes two magnets and comes right off. One assumes that this was to ensure the antenna didn't snap off should the user forget to retract it before throwing it in a bag or briefcase, or catch it on something while it was extended.

  • mobrocket
    what is the big deal about a 3G macbook, especially to justify paying 70,000... does someone think this is so revolutionary that it will be in the tech section of the Smithsonian?
  • iahawk
    It has a magical fruit on it that makes it more important to your average lay person. Duh.
  • whysobluepandabear
    I swear....people are beyond retarded.

    It's a laptop, that is under-powered, and runs on a high latency, slow connection. Let's pay $70,000 for it huh? DERP!
  • stingstang
    It's a legendary one-on-a-kind item from the...'most innovative company in the world'. Of course it's worth money to people. I just don't understand how AN APPLE PRODUCT would infringe products. That's quite a stretch, even for them.
  • MagnetsNextToMotherboard
    Apple either absolutely FAILS at hiding prototypes from consumer eyes, or pulls this publicity bullshit on purpose.
  • gtvr
    The 70K was probably a joke bid.
  • zoemayne
    sale it on craigslist. maybe he would of gotten away with it if he put it on eBay for a quick 3-5 days auction. maybe he can get $3k. he prob wouldnt of gotten 70K....
  • mister g
    Wasn't really surprised since I don't think that laptop was ever supposed to be acquired by the public. Still I see little point in Apple wanting it back since they might have already ditched the design and got all the research they can from it. Maybe Apple just felt like ruining someone's day?
  • gorehound
    Apple is not getting my business.They are using legal courts to stifle competition with Samsung and even altering photos they give to the courts.
    They are the Big Brother now.
    Bye Bye Arses !!!
  • It's not like someone was trying to sell a modified assault rifle.