Apple Submits 122-Page Document to Patent its Store Design

The Cupertino based firm previously failed in its attempt to be granted a patent to its store design. The United States Patent & Trademark Office had described the application as not being "inherently distinctive". Now, though, it's submitted a 122-page document explaining why the layout of its retail stores is unique.

Nonetheless, the United States Patent & Trademark Office did grant the company a patent on its signature glass staircase.

The company, which recently patented a 'smart shoe', tops the list of the most profitable stores in the United States. Apple's chain of retail stores boast the among the highest sales per square foot of retail space, which averages $5,600.

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  • CaedenV
    Thank God! I hate their store design, and all of the crappy little computer repair shops in my area keep trying to emulate it in one way or another. Hopefully this will fix things!
  • bwanaheim
    I believe Apple has confused patents with copyright trademarks.
  • infernocy
    so when is apple going to sue the church because it dosnt approve steve jobs as a god ?
  • bllue
    Another ridiculous patent
  • alvine
    stupid patents just make better products with better features
  • j2j663
    I would hate to be the person who has to read that 122 pages of bs...

    "Our corners are rounded here, here, and here. And our genius's stand here, here, and here wearing our products as necklaces."
  • The Greater Good
    Apple should patent the way you use their computers and devices. You know, using the device with your nose pointed slightly up.
  • bigdragon
    Store designs should not be patentable. This is ridiculous. They should be fined for trying to patent something so stupid and obvious. I think they just want to sue Microsoft. Apple and Microsoft stores look basically the same aside from logos and computers.
  • fuzzion
    Does apple realise that many tech shops look like these?
  • dalethepcman
    At least the patent office did the correct thing, this would have been ridiculous. Whats next on Apple's agenda? Patenting placing chair next to a table.....