Apple Patents Network That Uses Sensors to Track Everything

Apple has applied for a patent that would see a network utilizing sensors to track everything, including people.

The company filed for a patent related to a "personal items network" that functions through movement-monitoring devices. The system would link items such as a wallet, purse, personal data assistant, personal computer, watch, credit card, keys and cell phones through sensors that track and record changes in both environment and condition.

"The invention relates to sensing systems monitoring applications in sports, shipping, training, medicine, fitness, wellness, and industrial production," the patent application reads. "The invention specifically relates to sensing and reporting events associated with movement, environmental factors such as temperature, health functions, fitness effects, and changing conditions."

The movement monitoring devices (MMDs) are able to attach to any item, as well as to people. The sensors record "temperature, humidity, chemicals, heart rate, pulse, pressure, stress, weight, environmental factors, and hazardous conditions."

Unlike technology that powers wearable fitness trackers such as Nike's FuelBand, Apple's MMD sensors have the ability to attach to packages so an individual can track how, for example, a delivery courier is handling your belongings. Should an unauthorized individual attempt to remove the sensor, it would alert you.

"A MMD of the invention can attach to furniture to monitor shipping of furniture. If the furniture were dropped, an impact event occurs and is recorded within the MMD, or transmitted wirelessly, with an associated time tag," the patent application added.

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  • ionut19
    So here's the issue.

    Title: Apple patents
    Article: Apple has applied for a patent
    So witch one is it? Did apple applied or was granted? Might wanna get your story straight.
  • CrArC
    Has anyone tried to just patent "electric stuff" yet?
  • MaHaDeWa
    One Word : Illuminati.
  • Someone Somewhere
    It's called the internet of things. Sorry apple (or not), but it's been done before.

    Then again, that hasn't stopped the patent office yet.
  • alyoshka
    Another one......
  • thecolorblue
    Distribution: company-wide

    All employees are hereby required to wear company provided gloves vest and necktie.

    The gloves and vest will monitor and profile your posture and activity levels to ensure that employee performance levels fit within company standard minimums. Your necktie will monitor your swallow reflex to ensure that you are not consuming more than the allotted maximum quantity of coffee - 1 standard cup per day. We look forward to tracking you. Kiss your freedoms goodbye.

    Your corporate overlords.

    ps, this memo also applies to all elementary and high school students attending schools run by this corporation.
  • drbaltazar
    OK NOW !calm down ,apple is in the house,we got a patent now ,so all you wanabe better pay up now,yes this means you too ms ,you sold how many million of those Kinect?also you leap!so tired of this stupidity.if the corp doesn't mass produce said patent they shouldn't get it,period
  • drbaltazar
    @thecolorblue:ibet foxconn employe must be cheering right now .(sarcasm)
  • spentshells
    Patents should not be granted in such a general way without any form of physical product or method of implementation Coming up with an idea does not mean when someone else thinks of the same thing but implements it in a way not detailed in the patent troll application should not leave the creator paying a patent holder for nothing but paperwork filed with a board that grants these vague patents due to $corporate influence$
  • bombebomb
    Great, now ill know if my package was dropped during its 2000 mile trip across the USA...

    I worked in shipping once, and let me inform you they do not treat them like new born babies when they pack them into the trailer. That "impact sensor" will be going off every time it is loaded.