Apple's Request to Triple $1.05B Samsung Damages Denied

Due to findings that suggested Samsung did not willfully infringe on Apple's patents, judge Lucy Koh has denied the latter's request to triple the $1.05 billion in damages it received back in August, 2012.

"As this is the sum total of Apple's arguments and evidence that Samsung's infringement was willful, the Court cannot conclude that Apple has met its burden to show willfulness by clear and convincing evidence," she said.

Koh believed Samsung when it said that it thought Apple's patents were invalid. The judge, however, refused its request for a new trial. The South Korean technology giant stressed that Jury Foreman Velvin Hogan failed to mention that he was involved in a lawsuit filed against Samsung partner Seagate Technologies. Apple, meanwhile, were denied a permanent ban on its chief competitor's products.

Judge Koh will be presiding over the next major patent trial between Apple and Samsung in 2014.

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  • A Bad Day
    Mister Rogers: "Can't we all just get along?"

    Software industry: "F--- NO!!!"
  • Apple, before the value of your stock falls to the ground, please donate your 100s of billions to the US public debt.
  • csbeer
    Compete in the marketplace, not the courtroom. This whole disgusting episode undermines the legitimacy of intellectual property and harms the sanctity of the court when cases involving blatant ripping off of products need to be heard.
  • xpeh
    Sounds like Judge Koh is tired of Apple's bullshit
  • stoogie
    apple needs to grow up, stop stealing ideas, stop trying to prevent sales of competitors through loopholes in the patent system, and try to earn some respect.
  • spectrewind
    jupiter optimus maximusApple, before the value of your stock falls to the ground, please donate your 100s of billions to the US public debt.
    I would love to see that company proverbially shot through a chain link fence, ... repeatedly ...
    Being istupid is not illegal. ...And it is very iprofitable to have istupid as a iclient.
  • Gundam288
    Gotta boost that stock back up somehow!
  • BoredErica
  • ohim
    Apple the worst thing that happened to IT industry, guess Bill Gates shouldn`t have gave that money to Steve back in '97 or when it was.
    Some will come and say but w/o Apple there wouldn`t have been ipods/ipads/iphones... well search a bit and all those products were already out there few years before Apple pushed it with candy eye design.
  • madjimms