Apple UK Has to Publicy Apologise to Samsung for Lawsuit

Apple UK has been ordered to post notices on its website publicly apologising to Samsung and informing readers that Samsung did not copy Apple designs.

Apple and Samsung have been duking it out in courts around the world for more than a year as Apple claims Samsung copied the iPad and iPhone in its Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets. The resulting lawsuits have seen both companies win and lose in various countries. Most recently, a UK court ruled in Samsung's favour. The judge said that Samsung wasn't infringing upon Apple patents because the Galaxy Tab wasn't cool. So, a victory for Samsung, albeit sort of an embarrassing one.

However, that isn't the end of it. Apple must now publicly announce the court's findings on its own website that Samsung did not copy Apple products.

CNet reports that British Judge Colin Birss has ordered Apple to publish newspaper notices apologising to Samsung and admitting that the Korean company did not copy the iPad. Additionally, this apology must also be posted on Apple's own UK website, and it must stay there for the next six months. The order is designed to undo any harm Apple's lawsuit may have done to Samsung's brand in the United Kingdom.

We'll update when Apple does publish the apology. We know we're not the only ones dying to read it.

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  • coreym72
    I must have missed the part that defined sheepherding is cool.
  • Sakkura
    Judging like a Birrs.
  • drwho1
    This could get interesting, a public apology like this it could be used worldwide, not only in the UK.
    It could end Apple's frivolous lawsuits for good.

  • codefuapprentice
    Apple had this the words of Nelson Muntz:

    Sorry, i just had to
  • darthvidor
    hah, i your face crapple, only retarded judges see the galaxy tab as an ipad
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  • bv90andy
    This makes me feel so happy. I like the designs Apple puts out, but I hate the constant lawsuits.
  • 830hobbes
    This is awesome. Fines only go so far. Publicly apologizing for misbehaving should always be part of a frivolous lawsuit punishment.
  • Crush3d
  • srap
    codefuapprenticeApple had this the words of Nelson Muntz: -muntz.jpgSorry, i just had toI couldn't agree more.