Asus Gears Up to Launch 11-inch Eee PC

It’s been weeks since we first caught wind of Asus’ plans to launch an 11-inch version of the company’s hugely popular Eee PC line. This week the company officially announced the Eee PC 1101HA.

You’re looking at an 11.6-inch ‘netbook’ packing an Intel Atom Z520 processor at 1.33GHz. Slashgear reports that the 1101HA will sport the same “Seashell” styling as the smaller Eee PC 1008HA and 1005HA along with a WXGA 1366 x 768 display, 1 GB of RAM, a 160 GB hard-drive, a full-size keyboard and trackpad, WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth, a full size VGA port and of course the obligatory 1.3-megapixel webcam.

We still stand firm in our belief that anything over 10 inches isn’t really a netbook but the price is pretty competitive when you consider there are smaller netbooks out there that exceeds said price. Where do you guys think the line should be drawn for netbook size? More importantly, do you plan on purchasing one of the 11-inch Eee PCs once they’re available? Let us know!

  • falchard
    Too.. Ex.. Pensive..
    Seriously, anything with an atom processor in it over $500 has completely lost any sort of value considering entry level laptops start at that price with far better specs.
  • shoota
    as far as i see anything over 10" is too big to be called a netbook. i'm typing on my 1000he and i don't see why anyone would spend over $500 on what amounts to a castrated ultra portable.
  • cadder
    I think with an Atom and under 12" would qualify, but also the price needs to be $400 or less at the retail level. Otherwise just buy a 13" full blown laptop with dual core processor for $500.

    Will the 11.6" screen sneak in under MS's limit for the cheap version of W7? Maybe that is its reason for being.
  • hellwig
    A Z520 running at 1.33GHz? So its even slower than the old 1000e? How does that make sense? Won't the bigger display mean certain tasks (games, etc...) might require a little more CPU power?
  • Master Exon
    Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't the Z series of atoms carry a weaker graphics chip? A weaker graphics chip on a larger screen? You kidding me?
  • apache_lives
    i thought Intel was strict on what to use the atom with - 10'' max, no PCIe vga, 1 ram slot etc?????
  • photonboy
    Netbook size:
    I would call it a "netbook" if the size of the keyboard is below what the average person can use to type normally (with two hands).

    This will change once screens become OLED as they will go right to the edge hence allowing for large screens. I'd say anything 10" below right now is a "netbook."

    I think the term "netbook" is misleading anyway. The difference between "netbooks" and regular laptops is disappearing (aside from size). Even the DVD drive won't matter as many laptops will drop them (as they should).

    Why not just call them all laptops?
  • thejerk
    Just bought a T3400 Pentium Dual Core 15.4" laptop for $379 shipped from Newegg.
    Then, I bought a refurb 900 series EeePC for $169 shipped from a different store.

    That's $548... Yes, I spent $7 less and got TWO computers. One is more powerful,
    one is more portable. Hmmm....

    These netbook prices are getting totally out of control.
  • A nice price would be sub $300 for an atom 9" netbook, and sub $350 for a 10".Swivel screen doesn't cost more than 25,so should be less than 375!
    What else is there this laptop has that an Atom does not have?

    On the other hand, if you can spare the few mili seconds of lag, the Atom Z processor should run XP or Linux just fine,and give you good battery life.
    Though I'd probably prefer a Celeron M processor over this if performance is concerned.
  • doomhammr
    Anything over 9" has no right to be called a netbook.