Intel Announces New Atom SoC ''Tunnel Creek''

Intel has detailed its plans for 'Tunnel Creek', the Atom-based System-on-Chip it's working on for phones, printers and in-vehicle entertainment systems. According to UMPCPortal, Tunnel Creek comes in 600Mhz, 1Ghz and 1.3Ghz variants, all of which offer hyperthreading and Intel's VT virtualisation technology, and the TDP for the platform is 5W.

Intel also announced a partnership with Chinese auto manufacturer, HawTai. A HawTai executive was on hand to reveal that its new B11 luxury sedan would incorporate Intel's Atom processor and the company's open-source MeeGo platform in its in-vehicle-infotainment systems.

"With an infotainment solution that utilizes the Intel Atom processor, we are leveraging the well-established and latest Internet technologies, and re-using existing software that has been developed on MeeGo based Linux platform," said Mr. Wang Dian Ming, vice chairman of HawTai Automotive. "It saves us application development costs, and enables new services to be introduced quickly with high reliability."

Last but not least, China Mobile had an executive there too and he announced Intel would help China Mobile's next generation wireless network infrastructure to help move the carrier into a 'compute and cloud' model.

"China Mobile has been researching a new Radio Access Network architecture that is intended to provide our broadband wireless network the benefits of world class energy efficiency, reduced total cost of ownership, and high performance, while having the flexibility to allocate infrastructure resources to varying network load conditions," said Dr. Cui Chunfeng, manager of wireless research labs, department of wireless communications, China Mobile Research Institute. "To accomplish this vision we want to utilize Intel architecture in our next generation infrastructure, and tap into the flexibility, scalability and fast rate of innovation of using a software-defined architecture."

Full release here.

  • silentq
    awesome! finally i can turn my camaro into bumblebee that will actually transform!
  • danish_2828
    I'm trying to understand Intel's naming system. "Tunnel Creek"?

    Marketing Director: "Where did you go this past weekend?"

    Sales Rep: "The wife and I road up to Yorktown"

    Marketing Director: "Got any other traveling planned?"

    Sales Rep: "We're planning on going to Tunnel Creek in a couple weeks"

    Marketing Director: **LIGHT BULB "IN HEAD**
  • But will it play Crysis?
  • sliem
    I thought china denizens were not allowed to have a cell phone :).
  • fazers_on_stun
    danish_2828I'm trying to understand Intel's naming system.
    LOL. Better than "Up a Creek (with no paddle)" :D
  • mavanhel
    yebuddyBut will it play Crysis?
    It's a 600MHz single core processor. Draw your own conclusions.
  • cscott_it
    I'd like to see what kind of cellphones this baby churns out.
  • huron
    I wondered how long it would be until Intel pushed into this market. It seemed like this this was bound to happen.

    I'll be interested what they bring to the table - HyperThreading and VT could be interesting...
  • rollerdisco
    mavanhelIt's a 600MHz single core processor. Draw your own conclusions.
    not to familiar with sarcasm???
  • michaelzehr
    I think I'm missing something. Why does one need virtualisation on a phone, printer, or in-vehicle entertainment system? Those sound fairly closed as far as systems go.