BBC, Channel 4 Say No Plans to Charge YouTube Users

Both the BBC and Channel 4 have said they will not be charging British YouTube users to view their content. The broadcasters spoke to UK newspaper the Telegraph, revealing that they will not be a part of YouTube's rumored 'premium service.'

"I can confirm that we will not be part of the "premium" specialist channels group that will be charging subscription fees for content," the BBC is quoted as saying, adding, "We're currently focused on broadening our audience for advertising-supported shortform and longform across our network of YouTube channels, as well as further developing our original content channels."

Channel 4 had a similar statement to make, with its spokesperson telling the Telegraph it wouldn't be part of YouTube's "subscription wall."

"We are always interested to see the evolution of the YouTube platform but we have no immediate plans to launch any content behind a new subscription wall."

Word got out earlier this week that Google was reportedly getting ready to launch a paid subscription service for a number of YouTube channels, costing as little as $1.99 USD each per month. This new move to a paid platform will apparently increase per-video revenues so that content creators can generate TV shows and movies with a higher budget than what trickles in from the current advertising scheme. Google is expected to announce something official by the end of the week.

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  • abbadon_34
    "and so it begins..."
    But what about FOX? Yeah...I wouldn't pay for that, either.
  • Aoyagi
    $2 a month is nothing if it removes the ad and featured content infestation, but I doubt something that good would come out of Google.