Behemoth's Castle Crashers Releasing to PC on Steam

Though The Behemoth's beat-em-'up game Castle Crashers has long been out on console—four years for Xbox 360, and two for PS3—it's yet to come to PC.

In fact, of The Behemoth's games have actually come to the PC platform, barring a Flash prototype of Alien Hominid. Strange, considering lead programmer Tom Fulp's status as the founder of Newgrounds, a website dedicated to Flash-based games that has found most success (for the most part) on PC.

Recently, The Behemoth revealed on its developer blog that Castle Crashers would be coming to Steam. The game's Steam store page launched days ago, confirming that the release date is September 26, 2012. The developer also revealed that the game will be made available for both Windows and Mac.

Sadly, Linux gamers are going to (once again) either resort to Wine or sit this one out.


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  • apache_lives
    infernocywindows is the only operating system that comes close to linux and its only on games - when steam becaumes fully operational with linux , you will see a huge fall in windows users ---

    Sorry doubt that will happen any time soon
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  • mousseng
    This pleases me greatly.
  • madjimms
    Some of these "indie" games are kind of crappy. REMAKE Wurm Online with slightly better visuals & enhanced gameplay!
  • apache_lives
    Linux gamers lol wut