Get BioShock Free After Installing GameFly Client

Shacknews, a member of the GameFly Media network, reports that PC gamers can get a free copy of the now-classic PC game BioShock after installing GameFly's new digital PC client. The software came out of its year-long beta on Thursday, providing PC gamers yet another digital distribution service in an expanding PC downloads market.

"Now there's a whole new way to rent and buy console and PC games," the company said. "The GameFly Client brings together over 1,500 PC & Mac titles - available to pre-order, buy, and download - with 8,000 console & handheld titles available to rent. Plus, members can play hundreds of downloadable titles from our library at no extra charge with Unlimited PC Play."

In addition to offering BioShock for free, GameFly is also discounting a large number of 2K Games titles, reducing BioShock 2 down to $13.99, the Minerva's Den DLC to $6.99 and the Rapture Metro map pack to $3.34. Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition is now on sale for $7.49 (75-percent off), and a number of Mafia II, X-COM and Civilization titles have been reduced as well.

The sale doesn't end with 2K Games. One of the bigger discounts is Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2 with a 75-percent price reduction, now available for $4.99. The Witcher Enhanced Edition is now $4.99, and the sequel has been reduced to $14.99 as well. Another classic, BioWare's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, is also reduced to $4.99.

Everything that's on sale can be easily accessed by choosing "On Sale" under the Games section in the client’s left-hand menu, but act quick, as these titles will be on sale for a limited time.

In addition to purchasing PC games, GameFly subscribers have access to 350 Windows-based titles through the Unlimited PC option. Overall, GameFly's PC-based catalog includes more than 1,500 titles, and its handheld and console library spans over 8,000 titles for renting or to own. GameFly is also stocking up on its collection of Mac titles as well.

"We used the positive and constructive feedback from our community during the beta to help make the best product possible," said Sean Spector, GameFly co-founder and SVP of Business Development and Content.

To download the new GameFly Client and obtain your free copy of BioShock (an oldie but goodie), head here.

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  • aftcomet
    Does the copy activate on Steam?
  • billgatez
    Id rather pay the 20 bucks for the steam version then install a another dam game client store on my Computer.
  • dormantreign
    I agree, i'm sticking with steam. Ill pay the extra.
  • jimbofluffy
    Says free on the client, but then shows up as $20 in your cart and then asks for CC details...
  • fuzzion
    Too premature. Currently, steam is too big to challenge.
  • segio526
    Sooo, I'm guessing it was only valid for a few hours. I installed the client, created an account, and BioShock only shows up as a $20 purchase. I wonder if I can cancel my account...
  • toxxel
    I as well don't see it as being free, I do however see it is the top seller. So it leads me to believe it was limited by copies or time.
  • Graham_71
    Iv never had any problems with Gamefly ever since being a direcr2drive customer.
    You do have to go through the motion of paying for BioShock but the amount is 0

    They have a sale every weekend & every midweek, got Rage for £5.09, Skyrim was £14.99 for Quakecom 2012....

    Got a problem with BioShock though, there's music in the start menu but no sound in the game, oh-well.

  • Pherule
    "Now there's a whole new way to rent and buy console and PC games"

    Back in the good old days you could ONLY buy games. You either had them, or you didn't. I purchased my Age of Empires 2 CD over 10 years ago, and I still have it, therefore I can still play it if I choose to.

    What's this newfangled rubbish with "renting" games? Same with downloading 'em. I'd 10x rather buy a CD than download a game.
  • volkov956
    Yea I still prefer buying Physical copies I have to even Import them as well since most publishers in NA refuse physical Copies of lots of games now but strangly Europe and AUstralia still sell them so kudos to them