First BlackBerry 10 Phones Set For February 2013 Launch

RIM has said that it plans to release the first BlackBerry 10 smartphones shortly after the operating system's January 30, 2013 launch.

While Research in Motion doesn't expect the handsets to release through various carriers simultaneously, the launches should occur within 30 days of the aforementioned date, so says the firm's Chief Operating Officer Kristian Tear.

The struggling company recently announced the release date for its forthcoming mobile operating system, with January 30 also due to see the unveiling of two BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

While official details have been scarce in regards to the devices powered by the platform, leaks have outed several BlackBerry 10 phones such as "Liverpool" and "London", as well as the high-powered Aristo.

BlackBerry 10 is currently being tested by over 50 carriers around the globe. The U.S. government also approved the OS for secure use in the region.

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  • lpedraja2002
    Haven't seen a blackberry in quite a while. I wonder how far they've come since their little trackball phones.
  • shqtth
    iknowhowtofixitOMG!!! This is the greatest thing since..........oh wait, nobody cares...
    People who hates Apple and Android cares
  • doive1231
    Just in time for Christmas. Oh.
  • icemunk
    Nice. I can't wait to see the quad-core 1.5ghz with 2GB ram and a 4.65" screen. That'll be a beast. Plus Blackberry quality, a nice new OS, and for those who like to complain about apps.. yes, you convert and use some android apps.
  • Thomas Creel
    What is a blackberry? never heard of that
  • It's B L A C K B E R R Y product announcement. Fanbois: vade retro!
  • X-Nemesis
    32GB internal storage should be to defacto norm for all smartphone's nowadays. No more 8, 16.
  • southernshark
    shqtthPeople who hates Apple and Android cares

    Yeah but most of us want Windows Phones.
  • schnitter
    The sooner this thing gets released, the sooner the company will die. Shame they didn't innovate when they should have, too late for them. My next device will sure be a Windows 8 phone (once a thin and sleek looking one comes out since Nokia achieved sleek, but thick due to amazing camera).
  • benji720
    More competition is always a good thing, and personally I still use my Pearl 3g. It's the most typeable phone keyboard I've ever found and seeing is how my business is almost all email, it's ideal for me. I imagine there are other people in the same boat.