BlackBerry Patent Shows Potential Torch-Style BB10 Phone

BlackBerry has filed a patent for a sliding style phone, not unlike its Torch model from 2010. The patent was filed in December 2011, and has only recently been approved.

With the BB10 platform in full swing at BlackBerry, it is possible that we could see a new BB10 phone based on this design during the annual BlackBerry Live Showcase (formerly BlackBerry World) next month. The design itself appears to be a cross between the previous Torch model, but with a body similar to the Z10, with the lack of the iconic track pad pointing to a phone combining a QWERTY keyboard with a touch screen.

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  • Mike Friesen
    Looks okay.... But why the patent???? How does one patent a slidy phone? I've seen them for years!! At this point, it seems that scratching patents altogether would be a good idea... Or we could all move to a patent free country... I know! Let's put some money in and buy Greece! they're only worth a few billion now!
  • mykebrian
    they patent it maybe because they doesn't want any competition from other great company
  • purrcatian
    I have been hoping that they would release a phone with BB10, a large screen and a physical keyboard. I would rather have a landscape slider, but I might be willing to settle for a portrait slider.