Blizzard: Won't Be Another Steam

It's no secret that Blizzard plans to make money off user-generated content uploaded to StarCraft II's Marketplace. As stated earlier, authors providing premium content will get a percentage of the final sale. However, according to a interview with Blizzard CEO Paul Sams, the company isn't quite sure how it's going to work just yet, or how gamers will interact with that system.

But what Sams did reveal was that will not become another Steam: the company doesn't plan on opening its borders to other developers and publishers. "I think at the moment our focus is squarely on Blizzard products and we need to make sure that what we're doing is right for our games," he explained. "It's also a big differentiator for us. There's really not a lot of companies out there that can or are willing to do this because it's a huge expense."

It's quite possible that Blizzard could use the same system provided by Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network: gamers purchase "points" using a credit card or gift card. Thus, a StarCraft II fan could purchase a new premium map for 800 Blizzard Points... or use some other monetary system using a nifty Blizzard-related name.

"We can only say so much right now, but the plans are much bigger, much grander... and have long-term positive implications for gamers," he added, referring to posing as more than just a free match-making service. His entire interview with is located here.

  • ssalim
    "Blizzard is still trying to figure out how to leech money from you wallet via"

    you -> your
  • jerreece
    How is this going to be good for gamers in the long term again?

    Oh yeah, but asking gamers to pay money for user generated content...

    Remember the day when you could download user created maps for games like Medal of Honor? Some of the user generated maps were a ton more fun than the stock fare.

    It seems like so many games these days are being made in such a way that user generated content is become less and less available. :( :(
  • jerreece
    jerreece\Oh yeah, but asking gamers to pay money for user generated content...\
    but = by

    We need an edit function.
  • acecombat is NOT going to be another Steam because last time I checked, I could play my HalfLife mods over LAN.
  • Impulse Fire911
    Blizzard used to be my favorite game company but ever since WoW its all about money
  • IzzyCraft
    ssalim"Blizzard is still trying to figure out how to leech money from you wallet via"you -> yoursorry all i see is money from my wallet everything before that doesn't matter.
  • matt87_50
    points is RETARTED! its just a way to get us to buy more, cause we always have points left over. I think its a good idea that they only support their games, rather than trying to organise all the 3rd parties to use it properly. as long as its like steam in EVERY OTHER way, ill be fine, most notably, no STUPID POINTS SYSTEM!
    "would you like to buy some Itchy&Scratchy Money? its like real money but... fun!" "ok"..... *we don't except itchy Money* *no itchy Money* *cash only*....
  • koga73
    I like the idea of the content developers getting paid! That'll be me :)
  • Kaiser_25
    Ya paying for bullshit points is the most retarded stuff ive ever seen for cheapens the experince and just kids etc have an edge and does nothing to encourage skill...just spending more moneys.
  • Geibys
    I guess it was gonna come down to this eventually, we all knew it, but they are getting close to the last straw tho, just wait, will become a paid service by force. Just think about it, it makes sense, no LAN support on upcoming games, so that means you have to go to and if you don't pay you're out of luck. But the great thing about the internet is that there will always be "private" servers to link to.