Diablo 3 User Scores Tank Over Connection Woes

Diablo 3 has had a rough start. More specifically, Blizzard's always-on Internet connection for the new PC game is currently haunting it.

Long before the game's release, fans complained about the always-on Internet requirement. Blizzard said it was necessary, as the single-player campaign contains Internet-related features. Many saw the requirement as a form of DRM, and to some degree that's true: Diablo 3 will be nearly impossible to pirate and play thanks to its dependance on Battle.net.

But now those complaints seem justified as customers were unable to play their $60 game because the servers overloaded and couldn't accept logins. That meant players couldn't even access the single-player campaign because of this specific type of DRM. Thus, disgruntled customers are now taking to the likes of Metacritic to offer a piece of their mind and dropping the average user review score in the process.

Actually, Diablo 3 has served up numerous errors from the start outside the connection issue. Error 37 is the one everyone is getting when trying to actually log onto Battle.net. Error 3006, aka "The Game Breaker," actually boots the player from the game and won't let them back in until Blizzard fixes the problem. There''s also Error 108, Error 12, Error 33 and 34200, Error 24000, and numerous others.

This guy sums up the frustration over all the errors, and even beats himself in the head at the end of his personal message to Blizzard. "How many @#$% errors can't you guys count to?" the raging gamer spats.

Blizzard eventually took the servers offline at least twice on Tuesday to address the issues, but then brought them back online hours later. However players posting to the Blizzard support threads continued to complain that they still couldn't play for hours thereafter. The company now has a list of known technical issues here on the Diablo 3 forum, and how to work around the problems.

As for the Diablo 3 review scores, the game's current "User Score" on Metacritic resides at 3.6 out of 10. Out of 1505 user reviews, 497 are positive, 50 are mixed, and 958 are negative. There are numerous entries giving the game a perfect "0" which, to be honest, is a little suspicious. Are these gamers merely taking their rage out on Blizzard over the technical issues? After all, the closed beta was a great experience.

"I pre-ordered Diablo 3 years ago expecting a masterpiece but instead got a master disaster of massive proportions," reads one review. "Due to blizzards underestimating launch day I can't even connect to their servers to play. You're wondering "oh just play single player!" but I can't because of the need for a constant online connection. Not to mention the loss of features and feeling of the last two games."

"As an old Diablo 2 and Diablo 1 player i must say I am greatly disappointed," read another user review. "After initial problems with logging in and character creation I have must say that graphics are amazingly bad. I mean, being so many years in development I hoped for something better. Not only that, but the game itself gives me stable 14 FPS and not a one more, must be some engine bug!"

Despite Blizzard's best efforts, server connection issues were expected. After all, Diablo fans have been waiting for another sequel since 2000, and an initial server-crashing flood was imminent. Issues related to hardware configurations were also expected, especially when software arrives fresh out of the oven and consumed by thousands upon thousands. But Diablo 3 may face the same fate as Duke Nukem Forever: expectations have escalated over the years to the point where even the most polished game won't be good enough.

That may not be the case however, as StarCraft 2 has become one of the most successful PC games on the market to date.

  • johnsmithhatesVLC
    Gauntlet > Diablo
  • wildkitten
    Honestly, is any objective person surprised?

    The whole argument of why you had to be online only for single player, to ensure single player items didn't end up on the RMAH, was destroyed when they announced you could play outside your region, but the drops you get from outside your region could not be placed on the RMAH. If they can ensure that inter-region items can't be placed on the RMAH, they could just as easily make sure offline single player items could not be placed on it as well.

    With all of the news late last year and the beginning of this year of features being removed, PvP being one example, who wants to bet these features show up in have to pay for DLC.

    Fact is, D3 smacks of Bobby Kotick-ish style of game development. I know when Vivendi bought Activision from him that he had some control of Activision Blizzard built into his contract, but still, until Vivendi wises up and fires him as CEO of Activision Blizzard he is going to destroy a lot of great game franchises. It's amazing how much of a hit Blizzard's reputation has taken since they were made a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard and under Kotick's control.
  • good, blizzard deserves to get mocked and told about their poor service!! they have had wow and sc2 for benchmarks and they should learn from their mistakes!!
  • dormantreign
    Want to play a really good game with better graphics, check out Titan Quest. Even today it holds it own and there is none of the ALWAYS ONLINE s.h.i..t. Here's a comparison video i did on the two awhile back.

  • ttg_Avenged
    johnsmithhatesVLCGauntlet > DiabloI KNOW! I was just thinking of that beautiful game today... I miss good games.
  • opmopadop
    I noticed FPS issues as it stuttered badly as I walked. I solved by changing the minimum CPU speed in Control Panel - Power - advanced to 100%, fixed.
  • s3anister
    customers were unable to play their $60 game because the servers overloaded and couldn't accept logins.

    This is why I decided to wait a few days and buy Diablo III when the online service would be stable. Blizzard has a bad track record with the servers being stable on release day.

    I still remember buying World of Warcraft on the day it came out only to enjoy a week of constant server crashes and log-in issues. I knew this same thing was going to happen to D3, it's in Blizzard's nature to release before they're finished preparing server side.
  • bluestar2k11
    I'm honestly very glad I canceled my Diablo III preorder a long time ago, I'd be very unhappy with all the trash they put into 3, esp this always on DRM, the only thing i will ever play that uses such a thing is an MMO, for obvious reasons, thats required, and as close as I'll ever get, any other game using that drm method is automatically removed of any interest I had. Not for a matter of ISP troubles, but a matter of principles.

    In this case, I'd rather put my money into torchlight II.

    And that starcraft thing at the end, yay?
    Rather play Total Annihilation. Though I'm curious if Blizzards multipart thing they got going for starcraft II will bite them in the end.
  • nebun
    this is sad...after so many years of waiting and can't even access the stupid server, lol....what a joke
  • Flameout
    Without the amount of dumbing down Diablo 3 has received visually as well as technically, it makes Torchlight 2 seem more worth my money. Then there's the wait for Lineage Eternal which looks FANTASTIC