Blizzard Pushes Out Small Diablo III 1.0.3a Patch

A week after releasing the giant design update Patch 1.0.3, Blizzard’s released another, more compact patch to address some of the issues with 1.0.3.

Patch 1.0.3a is primarily a bug fix patch. Primarily, zombie Bears will no longer be afraid of enemies on slopes and pathfinding’s been greatly improved—they’ll no longer make fools of themselves by sticking onto objects that they shouldn’t be colliding with. Some unspecified gold and service exploits have also been patched… sorry cheaters.

There is also one design update that comes with 1.0.3a. Fans have complained about the raised repair costs that were implemented in 1.0.3. As a result, Blizzard’s reduced the amount of wear-and-tear done to armor in regular combat. The 10% reduction in durability on equipped items taken as punishment upon death has not been altered.

As usual, Blizzard’s made their patch notes readily available for reading on their site.

  • christarp
    Why are you reporting game patches? I'm sure the people that play the game already visit the official site / forums, or visit, and the people that don't play probably don't care. Just saying.
  • oraygungor
    As previous poster said, Why are you giving every single update about Diablo 3? I don`t play that game anymore, it is very boring game... Do you get any money by these "unintentional and unconcious" advertisements?
  • vittau
    Everyone who's interested in video-games, already check their favorite sources for video-game news. No need to clutter Tom's news with these.
  • vmem
    I think there's probably multiple TH's D3 raiding parties in TH's upper management... oh well, I play the game so I don't mind, but I can see how it would be annoying to others
  • ironmb
    Diablo 3 is complete trash. Blizzard's new cash cow for all the babygamers who dont realize how they keep destroying builds to make you rebuy gear on RMAH.
  • a1b2c3
    How I know I suck as much as this article: I clicked the link to it.
  • Xatos
    They're posting it to get your comments about the patch and general rants about the game. Get a clue. And if you don't understand that and the reason for it, why are YOU here in the first place?
  • pita
    Don't think it is that hard to figure out. This is all bout getting as many site visit rate as possible, even if it means posting junks like this.
  • confish21
    "exploits have also been patched… sorry cheaters"

    Thats not cheating...

  • f-14
    Catherina, nobody cares about game patch reporting and poor game design is not a cheat esp. when you are trying to play it on your own.