Blizzard Puts World of Warcraft Server Blades Up for Auction

Consider yourself the ultimate WoW fan? Well, you might consider Blizzard's latest announcement in which the company reveals plans to auction off old server blades for charity.

"Following a recent upgrade of our World of Warcraft server hardware to improve your gameplay experience, we have decided to auction off the retired HP p-Class server blades and donate the proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital," Blizzard said in the announcement.

"For a time, these servers were doorways into a universe of magic, mystery, and unlimited adventure. People vanquished mighty foes, they formed bonds of friendship, and some even found love in the game worlds that ran on these servers. If you listen closely on a starry night, you can still hear the ghosts of the past running through their circuit boards, recounting tales of epic conquest.

"Now you have the chance to own a very real piece of game history and help us support a good cause in the process. Blizzard Entertainment will donate 100% of the proceeds after auction expenses to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital."

Each server has been preserved in a special case bearing the World of Warcraft logo and marked with the realm it was used to host, meaning interested parties can bid on the server connected to the realm of choice. Servers are also mounted along with a special plaque that reads:

Blizzard Entertainment has carefully preserved and archived our retired server blades, releasing only a limited number for a noble cause. To us, this server blade is more than just hardware: within the circuits and hard drive, a world of magic, adventure, and friendship thrived. From fishing in quiet lakes to defeating Arthas in Icecrown Citadel, this blade was home to thousands of immersive experiences across the world of Azeroth and beyond. We thank you for the safekeeping of this important part of history.

The plaque is also signed by the signatures of the WoW development team. According to the Telegraph, Blizzard has 2,000 blades to auction. The auction is live on eBay right now, so get bidding!

  • Stardude82
    It's uncertain if they still work... plus they are all European.
  • someguynamedmatt
    They're gonna make a bloody killing off of this stuff, but I guess all's well since it's going towards a good cause. Good for them.
  • malicemizer
    I would buy them but my wallet took a arrow to the knee after paying for college :(
  • frozenlead
    Why doesn't it say anywhere what hardware is inside?
  • azathoth
    Wow, fantastic that the entire sale price is being donated to charity!
  • xerroz
    Didn't they do this a few months ago? "100% to charity" RIGHT
  • Meatymutawings
    wasn't this news a LONG while ago?
  • nforce4max
    xerrozDidn't they do this a few months ago? "100% to charity" RIGHT
    They had advertised a few months ago that there was going to be some auctions of the servers but I never looked much into it. Going on my third year of playing wow. Most of the money likely isn't never going to see the light of day much less going to a charity. Blizzard is very much greedy and is why they won't support past expansions so they can farm new players.
  • Atotalnoob
    The servers all seem to be at 100$....

    Not bad for an used server...

    Screw the fact it is from WoW
  • Travis Beane
    When I played 6 years ago, I thought they hosted on toasters, seeing as during peak hours I had a 4000ms ping.