Sorry, No Call of Duty Elite PC Beta After All

Activision's official blogger, Dan "One of Swords" Amrich, reports that the beta of Call of Duty Elite will take place this summer. Previous reports indicated that the beta for the PC version wouldn't launch until the fall, but he clarified any confusion by stating that console owners can get an early glimpse this summer via the beta, but PC gamers will have to wait until the service goes live on November 8.

"There’s still time to sign up for the Call of Duty Elite beta yourself. PC players will have to wait until Elite’s November launch to try it out, but if you’re a 360 or PS3 owner, you can still get involved this summer," he said. "Check out the official FAQ for more questions. I have some info on how the beta logistics will work, too."

Call of Duty Elite will launch alongside Modern Warfare 3 in November, but the beta scheduled to run this summer will reportedly work with Call of Duty: Black Ops. "This [will be] a new digital platform where Call of Duty goes social," Marcus wrote in his hands-on back in May. "We're not talking about social like Facebook or Twitter, though there are some interesting elements in how Elite will be able to get Call of Duty players to gather and group together."

Elite will arrive in two flavors: free and premium. The free version will include numerous features including access through Android and iOS apps, stat tracking and sharing, custom leaderboard creation, weapons performance analysis, video uploading and sharing, clan creation, match-by-match performance analysis and more. Additionally, Call of Duty Elite – the service and interface – is written entirely in HTML5, meaning that it should run in most desktop and mobile web browsers.

"Many [console] gamers will be able to join the Call of Duty Elite beta and test the service out for themselves over the coming weeks, and I know a lot of people are impatiently refreshing their mailboxes right now waiting for an invite," Amrich said.

  • fyasko
    they are putting lipstick on a pig.
  • BF3 will have all of my attention just as BC2 did. Not interested in rehash.
  • eddieroolz
    Not like its much of a loss anyway; CoD was over at 4.
  • alhanelem
    This is good news! There's also a mistake in the title...
    it should be: "YAY!!!, No Call of Duty Elite PC Beta After All!
  • theshonen8899
    We don't want it.
  • RabidFace
    You people realize that Call of Duty Elite is not a game right? Thought I would throw this out there for the people that thought it was :)
  • shin0bi272
    lol who cares!? I'll go play black ops and it'll be the same thing just different levels. why? They havent updated their game engine since 2005! Yeah that's right 2005! Their excuse? "it takes a long time to develop a new game engine and perfect it"... so they'd rather suck you dry 60 bucks at a time with games that are almost identical to the one the year before and call it something cool sounding so you still buy it.
  • idono
    Dont forget that CoD is becoming increasingly easier by every iteration. Soon you wont need to aim. All you need to do is press a button and the game will play it self.

    Ps. PC gets the shaft again. Activision will fall behind in the loop wich is a thumbs up in my book!
  • makaveli316
    Call of Duty goes social??
    Useless rubbish for people with no social life at all.
  • sunflier
    If AMD and Nvidia want to stay in the high-end graphics market they really need to be greasing game developer's wheels. They need to be pushing them to never give up on the PC market. If pirating is the concern, then solve it. If all game devs stopped making games for PCs today there wouldn't really be a need to build robust graphics cards. AMD/Nvidia stand to lose a lot. I would even throw in CPU and mobo mankers too. They all stand to lose a lot if game consoles are the only gaming outlet.

    Sure AMD/Intel can put their cards in consoles but consoles are updated only every couple years or so. Plus, a console is a flat price where individual graphics cards are priced based on models and some are more expensive than a console itself.