Lenovo Points to Chief River Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks on June 5

Intel has kept pretty quiet about its Chief River ultrabook platform but oftentimes it seems the folks at Lenovo haven't been as careful when it comes to keeping all things Chief River under their hats. Chief River has been pegged for a mid-2012 roll-out for quite a while now but it seems Lenovo has let the cat out of the bag in terms of a more specific release.


According to this slide, Chief River offerings from Lenovo will hit this coming June. The slide specifically notes June 5 as the date that Chief River laptops will be available to purchase, which would line up quite nicely with Computex. Computex will kick off in Taipei, Taiwan on June 5 and carry on through to June 9. With Intel keeping schtum on Chief River, we're almost expecting the company to make a big deal out of the upcoming ultrabook platform at Computex. CES was also laden with ultrabooks and it looks like that trend is going to carry through to Computex too.

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  • AznCracker
    Ehh as long as they keep the price down. Ultrabooks are really nice, but most cant justify the extra $300 for it
  • Anonymous
    Does not look like Ivy bridge numbers, I see 2XXX but no 3XXX in the blured image?
  • __-_-_-__
    I just want thunderbolt and external gpu's